London, 28.10.23: Half a million march for Palestine

Running Time: 2 mins 18 secs

In the equal second biggest march in UK history, an incredible half a million people marched in London for Palestine. Bear in mind this wasn’t even a national demo – there were big protests in towns and cities all over the UK – which means the national demonstration called for Saturday November 11 could easily be one million.

At the same time, inspired by the events in New York the previous day (where Grand Central Station was occupied by thousands of mainly Jewish protestors demanding a ceasefire), Waterloo station was visited by several hundred people, organised by Sisters Uncut. There was chanting and speeches as completely outnumbered Transport Cops looked on, their attempts of trying to order the protestors out being met with deafening chants of ‘We can’t hear you!’

While it’s important that the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, The Stop The War Coalition & Friends of Al Aqsa organise these huge and inclusive protests that draw hundreds of thousands, they also urgently need to give their blessing to peaceful actions like this which cause the maximum amount of disruption. There is after all a genocide occurring which is sponsored by our government.

Next Saturday (November 4) is local actions and protests across the country; and with more and more people ready to take direct action to stop Israel. Think about what you can do to disrupt them, from targetting shops and companies who are making money out of Israel’s warcrimes, to boycotting Israeli goods, to organising blockades to shut down the factories who are supplying the missiles, to targetting the disgusting, cowardly MPs who won’t even call for a ceasefire.

If governments won’t stop these atrocities, it’s up to us. Let’s get on with it.