1,500 deaths in Essex mental health services: 10 years on, still no justice

Running time: 7mins 30secs



November 15 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of Matthew Leahy’s death, a young man who was admitted into the care of Essex mental health services and died seven days later.

He is one of at least 1,500 people who have died in the care of the same services – a horrific number that could be even more because this is estimate by Essex Partnership University Trust, who don’t even keep records. Even more disturbingly, the Trust have no idea how 900 of these people died.

For the past 10 years, Matthew’s mother Melanie has campaigned tirelessly for justice for her son and others who have been so failed by the state. She has been joined by 92 other families who together are calling for a statutory inquiry into Essex Partnership University Trust.

You can help them by joining the campaign, signing the petition, writing to your MP and getting involved  – and also get in touch if you have lost a relative or friend in similar awful circumstances. They can help with support, legal back up and much more.