Modi: not welcome at the COP26 climate talks!

Running Time: 9:08

Sikhs and supporters from all over the country demonstrated in Glasgow as Indian prime minister Narendra Modi flew in for the COP26 climate talks, to tell him he is not welcome in Scotland.

The protestors were highlighting three major issues: the lack of justice for the 1984 massacre of thousands of sikhs at a sacred site; the brutal repression of the incredible Indian farmers movement; and the demand for the release of Scottish national Jagtar Singh Johal, an innocent man imprisoned without trial for four years on trumped up charges.

The silence is deafening from a government that has direct links with Modi’s fascist party (Priti Patel’s links with the paramilitary wing, the RSS, are well documented), and are happy to do trade deals with a government with policies that are catastrophic for climate change – including helping them to frame innocent UK citizens such as Jagtar and the West Midlands Three.

However the farmers movement is a beacon of hope for the whole planet, having mobilised over 250 million people to stop the industrialisation of food growing – the biggest movement in human history. They have the power to get rid of Modi – and if we all join them, to save the human race too.

#ModiOut #FarmersProtest #FreeJaggiNow #SikhGenocide1984