Stop the Silvertown tunnel

Running Time: 6:04

Local people protest on both sides of the Thames – Greenwich and Newham – against the Silvertown Tunnel, an infrastructure project costing an eye-watering £2.2 BILLION which will only increase the pollution in London.

The tunnel will be a four lane highway specifically designed for HGV trucks, supposedly to ease the congestion at the Blackwall tunnel, even though it has been proved time and time again that building more roads produces more congestion and more traffic.

Parents are particularly concerned at the potential damage to childrens’ health – in particular, two schools in the Greenwich peninsula are right next to the tunnel route and are already experiencing an increase in HGVs with the construction phase already started.

And all this in the middle of a climate crisis, with a climate emergency declared in London. It’s time to have a drastic rethink about how we design our cities – and stop new carbon intensive projects like this one immediately.