Cycling Instructors demand end to 12 year pay freeze

Running Time: 7 mins 27 secs

Cycling instructors in London are being treated appallingly. They haven’t had a pay rise for 12 years (which equates to a pay CUT of an eye-watering £172 a week), are expected to do admin and preparation work for nothing, and have work cancelled at very short notice – which means they don’t get paid, and have no time to arrange alternative work.
Now they have got organised in the IWGB, and protested outside one of the main culprits – Enfield council (a Labour council), who refuse to recognise the union and blame everything on the company they’ve outsourced bike instruction services to, Cycle Confident.
To risk losing a highly skilled workforce by treating them in this shabby way, whose skills are essential to keep children and adults safe on London roads and should be a cornerstone of any strategy to combat climate change, is complete idiocy.
Now the IWGB are balloting for strike action to get the recognition and respect they deserve. Please support them by donating to the strike fund.