Furious Nurses march on Downing St demanding a payrise

Thousands of furious nurses demanded a 15% pay rise as they marched to Downing Street to confront a government that has agreed a pay rise for 900,000 other public sector workers for their work during the COVID-19 pandemic – but not for a single nurse, cleaner or porter.


The astonishing – and very emotional – demonstration came off ther back of a facebook group formed just 7 days previously, and already with over 70,000 members.


Anger was also directed at union leaderships who are still not organising action, after shamefully agreeing a paydeal 3 years ago which has led to a now 20% pay cut over the past 10 years allowing for inflation.


Amid calls for a national strike across the NHS, this new movement of rank and file nurses has now called demonstrations all over the country for August 8. Whether you’re a healthworker, or one of the millions who applauded NHS workers for their sacrifices (540 healthworkers dead already, with 61% of them BAME workers) – find your nearest demo and get our NHS workers the pay rise they deserve.