Gentrification project in Haringey needs shutting down NOW!


This is beyond outrageous. Anthology Hale Works at Tottenham Hale, where you can see in the photo brickies working very close to each other, with no PPE whatsoever.

And this is not just unnecessary work – this project should not be happening at all.

Anthology Hale is part of a Haringey Council social cleansing plan “to rebalance the high levels of social rented accommodation in Tottenham” (Tottenham Area Action Plan p39) – i.e. build homes that local people cannot afford to rent or buy. It has been approved by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

Only 44 of the 279 dwellings will be affordable/shared ownership, and the rest private – NO Social Rent , and barely any flats suitable for children.

50% of the “affordable” Shared ownership homes are to be occupied by those with household incomes between £30,000pa and £40,000pa, with the remaining 50% of the “affordable” units occupied by those with household incomes between £40,000pa and the GLA maximum income (currently £90,000pa).

85% of the flats are market, probably mostly expensive and insecure private rent with no adequate welfare safety net. Tenants would have to move out if they were unemployed or sick for any length of time, and they could not afford to retire.

This “lockdown” is a sick joke. They don’t care about the thousands of Londoners who will die as a result of allowing work like this to continue – all they care about is money.

Sadiq Khan and Haringey Council can shut this project down immediately and keep the workers and everyone else safe – and then maybe they can look into their consciences and cancel the project completely.

So why don’t we all bombard the Mayor and the council with emails until they do the right thing? This is one job we can get stopped collectively right now – email Sadiq Khan at, and contact Haringey Councillor Emine Ibrahim, Cabinet Member for Housing and Estate Renewal; call 07812 677 724 or email –

Thanks very much to Paul Burnham from Defend Council Housing for the background information – and to Issy Harvey from Reel News for taking the photos and video.