Issue 53, April 2017

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1) BA Strike Over Poverty Pay (10:07)‬

British Airways mixed fleet cabin crew start their campaign to increase their pay from 12K a year with a 2 day strike.‬

2) Derby TAs Strike (12:40‬)

Derby teaching assistants strike to reverse a 25% pay cut.‬

3) BA Strike 2 (14:44‬)

Support surges as the crew escalate to a 3 day strike.‬

4) PictureHouse Strike (1:26)‬

Cinema workers strike for a living wage.‬

5) BA Strike 3 (9:13)‬

Strikers descend on Parliament as MPs call their pay “a national scandal”.‬

6) Durham Lions Roar Again (8:12)‬

Frustrated at the lack of movement in negotiations over a 23% pay cut, Durham teaching assistants take to the streets again.‬

7) BA Strike 4 (5:51‬)

The crew are forced to open a food bank as they escalate to 8 days strike in 9 days.‬

8) Derby TAs All Out Strike (14:09)‬

A very brave escalation from the TAs shocks the Labour council.‬

9) BA Strike 5 (2:50‬)

“BBC! ITV! Where are you?” Strikers protest over lack of media coverage.‬

10) Make Some noise for Orgreave (11:05‬)

A very LOUD protest against the decision not to hold a public inquiry into the infamous police riot.‬

11) BA Strike 6 (5:53)‬

After 26 days of strike, the crew ballot to continue action into the summer.‬

12) Durham Lions Solidarity March & Rally (19:26‬)

Incredible scenes as rank and file workers in struggle from across the UK march with the Lions.‬

Total 115:36