Issue 52, Jan 2017

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1. Who Are We? Durham TAs! Hear Us Roar! (Reel News) 19:50

Teaching assistants fight a 23% pay cut in a completely rank and file organised campaign.

2. Libraries, Museums and Galleries march (Reel News) 9:40

Campaigns from all over the UK demand an end to cuts.

3. Remembrance Day 2016 (Reel News) 7:25

The biggest Veterans for Peace contingent ever walks to the Cenotaph.

4. Jamaica 50 (Reel News) 14:55

The scandal of forced removals on private chartered flights.

5. Durham TAs: Pressure oncreases on council (Reel News) 22:46

The Durham Lions’ epic fightback forces the council into negotiations.

6. Crossrail: Unofficial strike (Reel News) 6:23

Sparks walk out over bonus payments and victimisation.

7. Pitchford Inquiry: Stop the Cover Up! (Reel News) 1:03

Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance demand the police start releasing information.

8. Yarls Wood protest (Reel News) 8:04

The biggest protest ever at the notorious detention centre.

9. BA Cabin Crew dispute (Reel News) 3:31

Strike brewing over poverty pay for cabin crew.

10. Post Office Strike (Reel News) 6:00

Strike (with reindeer!) to stop crown post office closures.

11. Southern Rail Strike (Reel News) 3:01

Strike over Southern seriously jeopardising passengers’ safety.

12. Sean Taylor: The Cruelty of Man (Reel News) 4:13

New video from Sean ‘s forthcoming