Issue 49, May 2016

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1 Junior Doctors Strike (Reel News) 10:12

The dispute over new contracts has become a battle to save the NHS.

2 Save Our Sixth Form Colleges (Reel News) 13:33

Teachers organise to reverse a catastrophic 22% cut in funding since 2010.

3 Save Our Sixth Form Colleges (3 min version)

 4 BSix students speak out (Reel News) 8:39

Students in Hackney explain the importance of sixth form colleges.

5 Sixth Form Strike (Reel News) 3:57

Solid strike exposes government lies on funding.

6 Maths Lesson at Parliament (Reel News) 6:30

Striking teachers give a free public maths lesson.

7 The Head of Ofsted Walks into a pub… (Reel News) 5:04

…full of striking teachers. See what happens next…

8 March Against Academies (Reel News) 10:38

Huge marches against plans to turn every school into an academy.

9 Blacklisting: Liverpool 3 (Reel News) 11:57

Justice campaigns demand an end to blacklisting at Liverpool FC’s stadium.

10 Blacklisting: Skanska Offices Occupied (Reel News) 5:32

Workers occupy the offices of the worst company for blacklisting.

11 Save Camden Youth Services (Reel News) 6:00

Workers and young people lobby the council over funding cuts.

12 Pitchford Inquiry (Reel News) 4:39

Campaigners demand the names of undercover police.

13 Ruts DC: Psychic Attack (Reel News) 9:45

Update from the studio as Ruts DC record their new album.