Issue 44, Mar 2015

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1) March For Homes (Reel News) 10:59

Thousands march on City Hall over the housing crisis, ending with an occupation of the Aylesbury Estate.

2) National Gallery Strike (Reel News) 10:12

PCS members strike against privatisation and the victimisation of a leading rep.

3) 12 Bar Club Occupation (Reel News/FFRUK) 13:45

Bohemians 4 Soho resist the gentrification of Soho by occupying an iconic music venue.

4) Blacklisted: Official Trailer (Reel News) 3:10

The long awaited book on the illegal human rights of abuse of blacklisting is finally out.

5) Bailiffs Awards Dinner (Reel News) 2:28

Protestors give bailiffs a lively welcome as they meet for their annual awards dinner.

6) Camden Council: Pay A Living Wage! (Reel News) 8:06

School catering workers and care workers demand the London Living Wage from Labour controlled Camden Council.

7) Guinness Occupation (Reel News) 12:42

Tenants successfully resist the eviction of a disabled man.

8) A Different Kind of Tour: Belfast (Reel News/VfP) 21:26

An historic delegation of ex-soliders from Veterans for Peace meet ex-republican prisoners in Belfast.

9) A Different Kind of Tour: Pat Magee & Jo Berry (Reel News) 5:50

Veterans for Peace meet the man who planted the Brighton bomb and the daughter of an MP who was killed in the blast.