Issue 20, October 2009

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1: Plymouth – Stop the Nuclear Waste Dump (Reel News) 22:07

Plymouth is where nuclear submarines are refuelled. Now they want to decommission them there too – sawing up nuclear core reactors into pieces and storing them in the middle of a population of 250,000 people.
2: Save Vestas Wind Turbine Factory (Reel News, Vestas workers) 18:47
An unprecedented red, green and black coalition support the Vestas workers occupying to stop the only wind turbine factory in England shutting down.
3: English Defence League (Jason N. Parkinson, Indefilms) 12:53
The latest pathetic bunch of nazis are easily dealt with and dispatched in Birmingham, Harrow and London.
4: Protest on the plinth (Indefilms) 6:27
A moving protest covering the nazis’ treatment of disabled people, the current euthanasia debate and questions of access.
5: Tower Hamlets College Strike – Victory! (Reel News) 15:00
First factory occupations, now the return of the all-out indefinite strike, as Tower Hamlets lecturers win a significant victory against education privatisation.
6: South Africa – Kennedy Road under threat (Indefilms) 3:05
Community activists organising the poor are viciously attacked by the ANC in a violent invasion.
7: Eigg – Eco-island (Reel News) 6:32
After a community buy out of the laird, the Inner Hebridean island of Eigg is transforming itself into a zero carbon community.
8: Climate Camp London (Jason N. Parkinson) 6:55
The actions from this year’s London climate camp.
9: Countdown to Copenhagen (Reel News) 15:00
Activists from Climate Camp explain everything you need yo know about the talks in December, why the mobilisations are so important, how to get there and what you can do here.