Spanish Trade unionist jailed for THREE AND A HALF YEARS

In a disturbing flashback to fascist Spain, Spanish trade unionist Andrés Bodalo is now two months into a three and a half year prison sentence for allegedly attacking an MP – even though police produced a video in court showing that Andrés was calming down fellow protestors on a march for jobs, and the MP concerned actually signing a petition for his release. On May 16th, 16 fellow trade unionists from Sat, including the national spokesperson, started a hunger strike – vowing not to eat until Andrés is freed. There is a complete news blackkout in Spain on this – please share this video and send messages of support to:

Reel News Night: Iceland and Spain – The Untold Stories of Resistance to Austerity

Thursday September 10, 7pm

Ryans Bar, 181 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16 0UI

The politics of austerity, and the established parties who have implemented it, are being increasingly rejected by ordinary people across Europe – but the exhilerating mass movements that are appearing as a result are largely ignored by the mainstream media. Tonight, we’ll be showibng two of the most significant ones, in Iceland and Spain. N.B. We’re expecting a lot of discussion this month, so FILMS WILL START AT 7:30 PM SHARP.

ICELAND: REYKJAVIK RISING (Conscious Collective, 55min)
In response to widespread media silence, this documentary explores how the people of Iceland resisted the measures imposed on them following the crisis of 2008, eventually overthrowing their government. It explores how the writing of the new Icelandic constitution was a truly inclusive and democratic process and how grassroots movements can change the course of history.

DANNY MITCHELL from Conscious Collective will be present to answer questions on the “pots and pans revolution”.

SPAIN – THE END OF AUSTERITY? (Reel News, 34min)
Amazing scenes as citizens platforms representing the mass social movements take over the councils of the biggest cities in Spain, with radical anti-austerity programmes – and no, we’re not talking about Podemos here (although they are involved)!

A number of Spanish activists will be coming to join in the discussion afterwards…

Join us for a night of film, discussion, drinks and music to see what we can learn from these incredible movements…as always, FREE!

Spain – The End of Austerity?/España – ¿Al Final de la Austeridad?

MAJOR NEW REEL NEWS FILM: Completely ignored by the mainstream media over here, the social movements in Spain have just sensationally taken control of the councils of the biggest cities in Spain. The “citizen’s platforms” have agreed everything collectively in assemblies throughout the cities, from who would stand as councillors to what their policies would be – and are now implementing an anti-austerity programme which prioritises an end to all evictions, bringing privatised services back into public ownership, providing free water and electricity to those who can’t afford to pay, guaranteed access to healthcare for all, and an urgent plan to tackle youth unemployment. People are talking about a second 1936…is this is the beginning of the end for the politics of austerity in Europe?
This half hour film also explains the origins and connections between the 15M movement; social movements such as the PAH; Podemos; and the citizens platforms. Make yourself a cuppa, sit back and get inspired and excited…

This is the major industrial dispute in Spain at the moment. Coca-Cola workers in Spain have been fighting to save their jobs for 17 months, when Coca Cola attempted to shut down all four factories there. Milltant rank and file action alongside a boycott of Coca-Cola has forced the company to reopen the factories, but only as warehouses…now the workers are calling for the boycott to be extended beyond Spain as they continue the fight to save their jobs. Support their struggle – boycott all Coca-Cola products.

Reel News Film Night: Reclaim Brixton, Community Organising and Building Mass Movements

reel news brixton night may 15 for webThe defeat of the Labour Party in the election seems to follow the pattern of social democratic parties across Europe being in crisis through implementing the politics of austerity.
In places like Greece and Spain, people who don’t feel represented by any political party have built huge mass movements and formed their own parties – with housing activism being a major driving force.
Are we sseeing the start of our own mass movement in Britain with the growing housing movement and events like Reclaim Brixton?

Join us for a FREE informal night of films, discussion, music and drinks as we show:

RECLAIM BRIXTON (Reel News 2015) 15:29
Thousands take part in the Reclaim Brixton to send a powerful message to Lambeth Council: Stop selling Brixton off to property developers and start putting people before profit.

Spawned by the US civil rights movement of the 60s, the Panthers were masters of community organisation in a country with very little political representation.

How a mass movement based on solidarity grew to combat savage austerity measures.

SPAIN: INDIGNADOS – 25-S (Reel News, 2012) 15:41
“They don’t represent us!” Spain’s mass movement surround Parliament in 2012, just before the formation of Podemos.

Issue 40, Apr 2014

Reel News 40

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1: Massacre in Vitoria (Reel News) 36:43 ***PLAY***

1976, the Basque Country: a dying fascist state orders police to attack one of the greatest rank and file movements ever seen. 5 workers are murdered and over 100 seriously injured; 38 years on, the people of Vitoria are still fighting for justice.


2: SOAS cleaners strike (Reel News) 14:07

Cleaners at SOAS show how a picket line should be done in the fight to be brought back in-house.


3: Blacklisting Companies Meeting (Stewart Hume, electrician and UNITE activist) 3:50

EXCLUSIVE secret footage exposes the building firm bosses who blacklist.


4: Blacklisting: Citizens Arrest (Reel News) 5:31

The Blacklist Support Group serve an arrest warrant on Cullum McAlpine.


5: Leon Rosselson: Sixty Quid a Week (Reel News) 4:30

New song from Leon about an encounter with a homeless person.


6: NUT strike (Reel News) 10:28

First national strike by teachers since 2011 as the campaign to stop Gove destroying education hots up.


7: David Rovics – Landlord (Reel News) 6:10

Great song and a slice of US working class history.


8: Chicago University Strike (Labor Beat) 8:36

2 days strike by lecturers at the University of Illinois-Chicago – for virtually the same reasons that lecturers are striking in Britain.


9: London Met – FE Strike (Reel News) 5:47

Rally at London Met to push for further action in the dispute over pay.


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“Massacre in Vitoria” released online

Please share this video as widely as possible – not only to support the people of Vitoria’s fight for justice, but so that more people can learn the lessons from rank and file organisation which ultimately led to the legalisation of trade unions in Spain.

1976, the Basque Country: under threat from a growing all-out strike amongst the factories of Vitoria, a dying fascist state orders the police to open fire on a peaceful assembly in a church during a general strike of the whole city, murdering 5 workers and seriously wounding over 100. 38 years on, no-one has been brought to justice for the cowardly attack on one of the greatest rank and file movements ever seen.

Reel News regular North London night starts April 10

ReelNews April poster for web




















We’ve finally found a venue to host a regular film night in North London – and hopefully reclaim a bit of Stoke Newington from the horrendous gentrification that’s happened in Church Street over the past twenty years. Come and join us every second Thursday of the month for films, discussion, music and drinks – FREE!


2014 sees the 75th anniversary of the end of the Spanish civil war, when a fragile democracy was allowed to be overturned by the combined forces of European Fascist regimes. Much has been written about the atoricities committed as General Franco took power, but very little about the social movements that rose up in the 60s and 70s that brought an end to the fascist state.

Tonight, we’ll be showing a new Reel News film telling the story of one of the greatest rank and file movements ever seen – an all out indefinite strike in 1976 of factory workers in Vitoria in the Basque Country, which culminated in a general strike of the entire city. The Spanish state, petrified by what seemed to be a soviet developing, ordered the police to open fire on a peaceful strikers’ assembly, murdering 5 workers and wounding over 100.

No-one has ever been brought to justice for this atrocity, as with many other atrocities from the late Franco era and the period of transition to “democracy”. Watch the full incredible story and then join in the discussion on how we can mark the 75th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War by providing some international solidarity with the people of Vitoria’s struggle for justice.


As the campaign against Gove’s attempt to destroy education as we know it gets serious, we’ll be showing a video of the recent NUT strike and having a discussion with local teachers and parents about how to escalate the action and what form that should take.

Massacre in Vitoria – Trailer

On March 3 1976, police attacked a peaceful assembly of strikers during a general strike, murdering 5 workers and seriously injuring over 100 in a desperate attempt to stop one of the greatest rank and file movements ever seen.

Every year on March 3 in Vitoria there is a march to remember the dead and continue the fight for justice. If you’re reading this today, the march is not until 7pm – messages of international solidarity would really help.

Please send solidarity messages to:, and watch out for the full Reel News film later this week – the whole incredible story, told by striking workers themselves.









This will be the latest in a series of films being produced by Reel News to help build international solidarity with the “Querella Argentina”: where Franco’s fascist regime is being put on trial in Argentina for the crimes it committed, and to get justice and reparations for the victims.

Although there has been a lot of information published about the atrocities committed by Franco’s fascist regime during and immediately after the Spanish civil war, little has been said about the intensification of repression by Franco’s regime in the 60s and 70s against the social movements that grew, demanding liberty and basic human rights and ultimately defeating fascism.

The atrocities, continued during the period of transition to “democracy” from 1975-1981. Many of the culprits are still alive and holding positions in the police, the army, the civil service and the judiciary – and for this reason we’re concentrating on this period. Not only do these people need bringing to justice, but they need to be purged from the Spanish state if another world is to be truly possible.

We will need to make trips to other parts of Spain in order to help in this crucial struggle for justice – but we need money to do it. Obviously there is no funding for a project of this sort in Spain, and with the brutal austerity measures, our fellow film makers in Madrid have no money either. If you can help, please click the donate button below.


Issue 36, June 2013

Reel News 36 front cover

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 1: Yolanda (Reel News) 19:35 ***PLAY***

Exposed: a notorious convicted fascist murderer from the transition to “democracy” in Spain is now working for the police. Email us at if you can help organise international solidarity.

2: Blacklisted 2013 (Reel News) 20:00

Huge steps forward for the campaign to stop the illegal blacklisting of construction workers for trade union activity.

3: Biofuels (Reel News) 4:48

Drax are among the power stations planning to burn huge amounts of biofuels in an attempt to appear green.

4: 3 Cosas Campaign (Reel News) 7:47

Big decisions in the campaign for sick pay, pensions and decent holidays for outsourced workers at the university of London.

5: Defend Max, Jawad and Steve (Reel News) 12: 23

Three union members at London Metropolitan university victimised on ludicrous charges.

6: Blacklisting on Crossrail: The Proof (Reel News) 14:57

New series of regional reports on blacklisting, starting with the South East.

7: Save the Independent Living Fund (Reel News) 7:44

Disabled activists start the fight to save an essential benefit.

8: Public Art in South Acton (Reel News) 16:19

Fantastic street art on one of the biggest council estates in West London.


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Upcoming Screenings: Spain Special and Into the Fire

Reel News has two exciting events coming up:

The launch of our brand new regular film night at The Grosvenor SW9 on Thursday, 25th April, 7:30 pm, with a special report on Spain and the premier of our film Into the Fire – The Hidden Victims of Austerity in Greece on Monday, 29th April, 6:30 pm, together with the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants at Soas. Scroll down for details.

Spanish Night

Special Report on Spain – Thursday, 25th April, 7:30

Join Facebook event. A brand new regular monthly film night on the last Thursday of every month, where people can come and meet up, have a friendly pint together, watch films on current campaigns and discuss them, and then carry on socialising with music from our resident djs. This month with special guests from Occupy LSX & Democracia Real Ya Londres.

**FIRST EVER SHOWING!** YOLANDA (16 mins) Yolanda Gonzalez, a student activist, was brutally murdered by an armed fascist gang in 1980. She was just 19 years old. Now it has emerged that her convicted murderer, Emilio Hellin, is working for state security forces.

INDIGNADOS: S-25 (15 mins) As Occupy at the Houses of Parliament on May 4 draws closer, a reminder of what happened last September when Spain’s 15-M movement surrounded Congress.

SOMONTE – LAND AND FREEDOM (14 mins) Trade Unionists occupy a 400 hectare farm in Andalucia to grow food and create jobs.

**PLUS** Videos and speakers from 3 key struggles in London, featuring: Blacklisting in Crossrail, Fighting Victimisation at London Met, 3 Cosas Campaign: Sick Pay, Holiday, Pensions Now!

Premier of Into the Fire – Monday, 29th April, 6:30

The premiere of Into the Fire will be hosted by the School of Oriental and African Studies. Habib Rahman of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants will join us for the screening and discussion afterwards, the event will be chaired by Sham Qayyum. Join the Facebook event.

A hard hitting documentary which shows the plight of refugees and migrants in recession hit Athens, Into The Fire is a film with a difference.

Greece is in crisis. But the economic crisis is not the only one. An asylum crisis has gripped the country at this time of severe austerity. And it hits the most vulnerable: Refugees, including minors, who have left everything behind fleeing their countries to find safety.

In Greece, they are left destitute and on the streets, unable to apply for asylum and threatened by escalating racist attacks. Trapped in Greece, they have one message for Europe and the rest of the world: Let us leave!

Into the Fire