ISIS: Huge demonstration in London to support the Kurdish resistance in Kobane

Thousands of people march in London to support the Kurdish resistance in Kobane against ISIS. A lot of anger was directed towards Turkey, who are supporting ISIS militarily and logistically, but no-one wants an occupation by Western cheap Air Jordans powers either. The Kurds can take care RICARDO of ISIS on their own, if they are given the arms and Oakleys Outlet humanitarian aid to do it – and the PKK need to be delisted as a terrorist organisation too.

Please publicise the following demands:

1) Turkey must Ray Ban sale open a “corridor” for Kurdish forces to equip themselves against ISIS.

2) Provide military and humanitarian aid to the Kurdish forces and civilians fighting cheap MLB Jerseys ISIS.

3) Do not permit a “buffer zone” and “no fly zone” in Rojava.

4) Delist PKK, the organisation oakley outlet of the Kurdish foghters resisting against ISIS.

5) Coalition forces Tranny mst stop supporting ISIS and allowing it cheap jordans online to grow.

6) Impose economic sanctions on states directly supporting ISIS, especially Turkey.