Which Side Are You On? Trade Unionists for Corbyn

Rank and file trade unionists spell out the changes that an incoming government will need to make in workers rights, all of which are included in the Labour party manifesto – before joining Steve White and the Protest Family on the steps of the Tory party HQ for a confrontational rendition of “Which Side Are You On”. in a sign of the Tories’ plumetting confidence, they don’t even call the police or security to move them on.

Durham Lions Solidarity March & Rally

Is this the beginnings of a rank and file movement that can take on the Tories? Activists and workers in struggle from all over the country respond to the call from the Durham teaching assistants to march with them as they continue to fight against 23% pay cuts imposed on them by a Labour Council – and then pack out the Durham miners hall to hear inspiring speeches from the TAs, calling for a united fight against education cuts and to kick out the rotten Labour councillors who voted for this shambles once and for all.