Grantham: NHS Uprising!

1,000 people marched through the centre of Grantham in Lincolnshire on October 14th in the latest NHS Uprising: an initiative started in Louth in September to get people on the streets in numbers to defend the NHS. By the end of the winter, the NHS could be gone – Accountable Care Organisations are coming soon, which will turn the NHS into an US style insurance based model where you’ll have to pay for anything more than very basic services. The stories told in this film will be very similar to what’s happening in your area – time for an uprising to save the NHS.

Pensioners Parliament calls for free social care at the point of need

The National Pensioners Convention delivered a defiant manifesto at their annual Pensioners Parliament in Blackpool this week. Condemning the Tories plans for the dementia tax, means tested winter fuel payments and removal of the triple lock pension, they called for social care free at the point of need, a state pension at a level of 70% of the living wage, and maintenance of universal benefits – and, alongside Disabled People Against Cuts, vowed to take to the streets to fight for them, whatever the Government.

Leathers 4 Lincolnshire – NHS Biscuit Bike Run

The movement to save the NHS is beginning to look unstoppable. One of the key campaigns is in the Tory heartland of Lincolnshire – and the epicentre is Thatcher’s birthplace, Grantham. A few days before the election, 100 campaigners on motorbikes deliver mountains of biscuits to A&E staff across the county to thank them for their hard work – and in the process point out the nightmare situation developing in their hospitals, proving beyond doubt that the Tories are planning to privatise the entire NHS.

Bikers and choirs unite to save Chorley’s A&E

Incredible scenes as Rivington Barn Bikers join the 54th consecutive week of protests to re-open Chorley’s A&E. The campaign is the only one in the country who have managed to reverse a closure; they’ve got the A&E re-opened for 12 hours a day, and now they’re fighting on to get it open 24/7. Later on, members of the “Sing It Big” choir rehearse campaigners in a version of “Fix You”. which Coldplay have agreed the use of as an NHS campaign song. Chorley are at the forefront of a growing national social movement to defend the NHS, with demos and protests spreading throughout the country.

NHS: Huge campaign in Cumbria shows way to stop privatisation

A huge and incredibly unified campaign to save the NHS is building in Cumbria. Activists from all corners of the huge county come together in Carlisle to fight plans to downgrade maternity and children’s services and close community hospital beds in the largest demonstration ever seen in the area, emphasising the real battle – to stop full privatisation of the NHS. Now more militant action to defend their services is set to follow.