BA cabin crew forced to open food bank as strike escalates

Mixed fleet cabin crew at British Airways are having to use money donated to their hardship fund to open a food bank, as their battle against poverty pay escalates to 8 days strike in 9 days. BA are offering a paltry 2% pay rise on their basic salary of £12,000 a year – and are so incompetent they can’t even agree amongst themselves whether they’re willing to negotiate or not. The crew’s determination to win a living wage can win them a famous victory, but they need your help to carry on. Please donate to their hardship fund: account name – Mixed Fleet Branch, account no 20376387, sort code 608301, ref MFU.

BA Strike: Shocked MPs call cabin crew’s poverty pay “a national scandal”

Around 200 British Airways cabin crew descended on Parliament for a meeting with MPs during their third strike over poverty pay. Shocked MPs called their £12K basic salary and horrendous conditions “a national scandal”, and branded CEO Willie Walsh’s salary of £8.8 million a year “obscene” and “immoral”. The entire shadow cabinet are now backing the crew, with promises to push for a select committee hearing to bring British Airways to account.

BA cabin crew strike over poverty pay

British Airways mixed fleet cabin crew have taken the very brave step of 2 days of strike action against a management who have deliberately created a climate of fear, who are using bullying tactics to try to break the strike – and who are making huge profits while they keep their workers in poverty. But the confidence and resolve of the crew is growing after a very successful start to a major dispute for a living wage. Next strikes on Jan 19, 21 and 22 – come and support them on the picket lines at Hatton Cross tube and near Terminal 5.