Dr. Eveline Lubbers on undercover policing

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Dr. Eveline Lubbers (researcher, Undercover Research Group) speaking at “Undercover policing, democracy and human rights” meeting at the University of Manchester School of Law, 14th April 2016

Blacklisting trial: time running out for blacklisting companies

Latest from the high court trial of major construction companies over illegal conspiracy to blacklist – compensation deals have so far cost over £20 million, and the trial is due to start on May 11. Outside the high court at the final pre-trial hearing, blacklisted workers tell their own stories of how they were denied the right to work, and are still resolved to change conditions on building sites once and for all.

Blacklisting: Justice campaigns unite in support of the Liverpool 3

The Blacklist Support Group demand an end to blacklisting at Liverpool’s Anfield stadium, joining forces with the Hillsborough Justice Campaign, the Orgreave Truth & Justice Campaign and the Justice for Shrewsbury Pickets Campaign in a protest before the Liverpool Man U match. Carillion have refused to take on three workers known to have blacklist files for trade union activity, who have now become known as “The Liverpool 3”.