Carillion Blacklisting Scandal: Liverpool traffic brought to a standstill

“I think this has got the capacity to be the biggest thing in this city since the dockers strike in 1997.” So said Roy Bentham, from the Blacklist Support Group, organisers of the direct action at the Royal Liverpool Hospital site which brought chaos to rush hour  traffic.

The dispute has erupted over the awarding of the hospital contract – a 5 year building contract costing £492 million – to notorious blacklisters Carillion, despite Liverpool Council having a policy of not awarding public contracts to known blacklisting companies.

Carillion have refused to employ any workers on the blacklist, despite being handed a list of names of currently available people. They are also ignoring national agreed rates for the job, people are working as bogus self-employed, and clauses in the contract for the number of apprenticeships and the amount of local labour employed are being completely flaunted.

Follow the Blacklist Support Group on Facebook for details about the next actions – or email them at

Reel News film night in London: “Successes of 2013”

Blacklisted workers blockade outside ParliamentTHURSDAY JANUARY 16, 7:30PM



Taking our cue from Red Pepper’s article on the three most successful campaigns of 2013, the first Reel News film night of 2014 will have films and speakers from those campaigns – namely:

An astonishing year for the campaign against blacklisting has seen impressive action on Crossrail, the Scottish Affairs Select Committee, the High Court, Local Authorities banning firms from public contracts, Shrewsbury Pickets, Fiddlers Ferry hardship fund, press exposure of police collusion, environmental activists, union conferences, Carillion banned from Labour Party conference, BBC Panorama documentary, construction safety, Employment Tribunals and Leverage.

We’ll be showing the TUC BLACKLISTING DAY OF ACTION featuring blacklisted workers marching on Parliament – and DAVE SMITH (Blacklist Support Group) and (probably!) FRANK MORRIS (sacked and reinstated Crossrail steward) will be speaking.

2) 3 COSAS
Over the past year the outsourced workers (cleaners, porters,security,catering etc) at the University of London have established themselves as one of the most militant groups of workers around, and one of the few who have gone beyond holding on to what they’ve got and actually made gains in their terms and conditions – particularly impressive for people who are mainly immigrant workers, many of whom have had no time to learn English due to the precarious nature of their work.

We’ll be showing a BRAND NEW film of their successful strike in November, and two of the workers (names TBC) will be speaking on the campaign and their three day strike coming up in a few weeks. We’ll also be taking a collection for their strike fund.

Huge local demonstrations, constant campaigning, an inspired visit to Jeremy Hunt’s constituency and a refusal to give in by an entire community stopped the closure of the A&E department at Lewisham Hospital. Will be showing films of how it happened, what’s happening now and hopefully have some speakers from the campaign there to explain why they’re still fighting.

PLUS: POLITICAL RANTS from local Brixton legend BEADYMAN!

Our usual laidback environment for discussion, drink and relaxation with a bar and music until as late as you want to stay there – and all FREE!

55,000 March for the NHS outside the Tory conference

The title of this year’s Tory conference is ‘For Hard Working People’ which seems like an attempt at irony coming from such avid fans of both tax evasion and inherited wealth. Meanwhile outside the Manchester GMEX Centre over 55,000 hard working people demonstrated their disgust at the privatisation of the NHS. The protest called by the TUC was most heavily supported by members of UNISON which was unsurprising given their status as the biggest union in NHS. There were also large turnouts from the PCS, UNITE and GMB.

Photos by Guy Smallman



Issue 37, Aug 2013

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1)    Fracking: The Truth (Reel News,Frack Free Fylde) 26:45

Fracking produces earthquakes, poisons the water supply, and causes cancer. The shocking evidence from the U.S., Canada, Australia and Lancashire.

2)    Divided Families Campaign (Reel News) 9:02

Families separated by impossible regulations on earnings tell their own heartbreaking stories.

3)    Fracking: Balcombe 1 (Reel News) 16:39

Villagers in West Sussex rise up against the decision to give Cuadrilla permits to start exploratory drilling for oil.

4)    The Hunt for Hunt (Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign) 6:35

Spectacular victory for the campaign to stop cuts at Lewisham Hospital.

5)    Fracking: Balcombe 2 (Reel News) 8:56

The permanent blockade of the fracking site continues by possibly the fastest growing environmental movement ever seen.

6)    Chicago Schools 3 day march (Labor Beat) 26:10

54 schools threatened with closure – but an unprecedented rank and file movement of teachers and pupils is determined to keep them open.

7)  Visit Faslane Peace Camp (Camcorder Guerillas) 10:15

Legendary Glasgow videoactivist collective The Camcorder Guerillas celebrate their 10th anniversary in September. This is their latest film – an urgent call for support.

8)    Crossrail: Bond St (Reel News) 4:47

The campaign over blacklisting on the Crossrail project is winning, as Kier start to lose multimillion pound contracts.


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Whittington Hospital demo

Despite terrible weather, 5,000 local people marched in protest at planned cuts at the safest hospital n the country – Whittington Hospital, North London. In order to achieve foundation trust status, a third of the land is to be sold off, 230 beds are to go and 570 jobs cut – half of them front line nursing staff. Staffordshire hospital shows what this means – lives will be lost.

Issue 35, March 2013

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  1. Into the Fire – The Forgotten Victims of Austerity in Greece (Reel News, 38:50) Refugees and Migrants in Greece.
  2. Somonte – Land and Freedom (Reel News, 13:50) Trade Unionists occupy a 400 hectar farm in Andalucia to grow food and create jobs.
  3. Palace of Varieties: Vincent Figgins and Vicky (Reel News, 2:42)
  4. Save Lewisham Hospital (Reel News, 14:42) Huge Protest in South London as privatisation of NHS accelerates.
  5. Palace of Varieties: Riverdance (Reel News, 2:16)
  6. 3 Cosas – Sickpay, Holiday, Pensions Now! (Reel News, 23:50) Outsourced workers at the University of London increase the pressure for basic rights.
  7. Palace of Varieties: Don Tempi (Reel News, 2:21)


Save Lewisham Hospital March

25,000 people march in Lewisham, South London, to stop the proposed closure of their hospital’s A&E department and downgrading of their maternity ward, cheered on by virtually every shop, pub, cafe and car they pass.

Lewisham hospital is solvent and one of the top 40 hospitals in the country, but the cuts are being made to pay for PFI debts in a health trust that Lewisham isn’t even part of.

Jeremy Hunt makes the final decision on Friday Feb 1st – if the government gets away with this, the whole NHS is in grave danger.

Our Present is Your Future: How to destroy public health services

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Update: See full series ‘Our Present Is Your Future

Out of 131 hospitals, as many as 50 will be closed. Patients already have to pay at the door when going to see a doctor. Procedures will have to be paid up front, and if you don’t have the money you will be sent home. “People will die.” “The cruelty is unbelieveable.” “This is a nightmare.”

Also see: Health Workers Strike video & photo slideshow, Making Patients Pay, Our Present is Your Future.


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