Naomi Klein calls for civil disobedience in Paris to break the ban on demos

At a packed meeting in Paris, Naomi Klein, supported by UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, calls for mass civil disobedience to break the ban on demonstrations on December 12.
Trade unionists and others discuss the real solutions to climate change: an end to fossil fuels, energy democracy, and a just transition to millions of cllimate jobs.

A week of resistance to the Gaza massacre

National demonstration in London called over the bombing of Gaza by Israeli forces. The protest called by the Stop the War Coalition, The Palestinian Soldidarity Campaign, CND, War on Want, BMI, IFE and Friends of Al Aqsa marcheds from Downing street to t

Across the world anger is growing over the constant bombardment of the Gaza strip by the Israeli Defense Forces. The Palestinian death toll has now reached over 400 as the densely populated Hamas controlled area is pounded by shells, missiles and guided bombs. Meanwhile the Israeli death toll after over 1,000 launches of Hamas’ near useless rockets remains at two. One of those being and Israeli soldier killed by his own side which exposes the lie about how “careful” they are being to avoid the deaths of innocent people.

Another source of great anger has been the outrageously biased coverage by most of the mainstream media. Media outlets like the BBC and CCN to name just a few insist on describing these events as a ‘war’ or a ‘conflict’ giving the impression of two equal sides. Gaza has no air force, no air defense and very little capacity to strike Israel as the body counts shows all too well. On Wednesday July 15th protesters took their disgust at the nature of the coverage directly to the BBC in central London.

Despite it being Ramadam thousands of mainly Muslim demonstrators blocked the main road outside of the BBC for several hours. The event remained peaceful with just one minor scuffle when police over stepped the mark trying to prevent people from boarding a stranded bus. They backed off and the vehicle reversed out away from the crowd. Two Zionists also showed up and demonstrated their jaw dropping arrogance by trying to argue down and increasingly hostile crowd. Well done to the demonstrators for refusing to be provoked.

On Friday July 18th activists tried a more direct approach to getting the attention of the UK government by occupying the Cabinet Office in Whitehall with the demand that the UK and others stop supplying arms and money to a rogue state that flouts international law on a daily basis.

It is no secret that Israel would neither be financially nor militarily viable were it not being armed and funded by the west to the tune of several million dollars a day. It is clear that only thing that will make Israel behave itself is intervention from its foreign sponsors.  Not that activists have high expectations from a government that favors Israel at every level. The blatant hypocrisy of the UK government who are turning a blind eye towards British Jews who are fighting with the IDF while arresting British Muslims who take action against the Assad regime in Syria is a recent case in point.

Finally on Saturday July 19th London saw its biggest anti war protest for many year with tens of thousands of people marching from Whitehall to the Israeli embassy.

The organisers claimed that over 100,000 people were in attendance while the BBC and Daily Mail both claimed that around 15,000 had participated. Whatever the actual figure it was clear that yet again a mostly Muslim m0bilisation had brought central London to standstill in blistering heat. During a time of year when most were fasting from sunrise for Ramadam.

It is clear that with a useless neocon like Tony Blair as Middle East peace envoy (what a sick joke!)  and  no sign of Israel growing a conscience any time soon, that the slaughter will continue. So are the protests expected to increase in their size and anger.

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FBU bring their anger straight to Downing street 16-10-13

Today thousands of Fire and Rescue Service workers came from across Britain to protest at the government’s plans for their workplaces. The national demo was called by the Fire Brigades Union and exceeded the expected numbers despite the torrential rain.

Their main grievances are the raising of fire fighters working age to 60 which many see as ridiculous given the very physical nature of the work. The closure of fire stations in city areas which many believe will increase response times and therefore cost lives. Also the attack on members pensions is seen as a cynical move by a government prepared to spend billions bailing out banks.

As the protest passed through Whitehall hundreds of Firefighters broke from the route and mobbed around Downing Street. Seven very nervous police stood between them and the gates though the protest remained peaceful and good humored if extremely loud. Recent protests by Fire Fighters in Belgium have reminded many of the potential that they have to humiliate the state and its agents.

Photos by Guy Smallman

55,000 March for the NHS outside the Tory conference

The title of this year’s Tory conference is ‘For Hard Working People’ which seems like an attempt at irony coming from such avid fans of both tax evasion and inherited wealth. Meanwhile outside the Manchester GMEX Centre over 55,000 hard working people demonstrated their disgust at the privatisation of the NHS. The protest called by the TUC was most heavily supported by members of UNISON which was unsurprising given their status as the biggest union in NHS. There were also large turnouts from the PCS, UNITE and GMB.

Photos by Guy Smallman



DPAC:Disabled People Against Cuts launch manifesto with 5 demonstrations

Fresh from their central role in the direct action against fracking, Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) launch their manifesto “Reclaiming Our Futures” with 5 demonstrations outside government departments – a real show of strength to end their week of action against austerity and the cuts. DPAC will be leading the march on the Tory conference in Manchester on September 29 – a recognition of the leading role they are playing in linking anti-cuts groups, trade unions, community organisations, user led groups, anti-fracking groups and environmental groups.

Issue 37, Aug 2013

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1)    Fracking: The Truth (Reel News,Frack Free Fylde) 26:45

Fracking produces earthquakes, poisons the water supply, and causes cancer. The shocking evidence from the U.S., Canada, Australia and Lancashire.

2)    Divided Families Campaign (Reel News) 9:02

Families separated by impossible regulations on earnings tell their own heartbreaking stories.

3)    Fracking: Balcombe 1 (Reel News) 16:39

Villagers in West Sussex rise up against the decision to give Cuadrilla permits to start exploratory drilling for oil.

4)    The Hunt for Hunt (Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign) 6:35

Spectacular victory for the campaign to stop cuts at Lewisham Hospital.

5)    Fracking: Balcombe 2 (Reel News) 8:56

The permanent blockade of the fracking site continues by possibly the fastest growing environmental movement ever seen.

6)    Chicago Schools 3 day march (Labor Beat) 26:10

54 schools threatened with closure – but an unprecedented rank and file movement of teachers and pupils is determined to keep them open.

7)  Visit Faslane Peace Camp (Camcorder Guerillas) 10:15

Legendary Glasgow videoactivist collective The Camcorder Guerillas celebrate their 10th anniversary in September. This is their latest film – an urgent call for support.

8)    Crossrail: Bond St (Reel News) 4:47

The campaign over blacklisting on the Crossrail project is winning, as Kier start to lose multimillion pound contracts.


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Into The Fire to be broadcast on the occupied ERT station

Funeral of Shehzad Luqman in Kotzia square in Athens. 19-1-13 The 26 year old Pakistani migrant was stabbed to death in a racially motivated murder on January 16th as he was cycling to work. His family and friends from the local Pakistani community met in

Journalists across Europe were shocked when The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation in Greece (their national media service) was closed by the government at a few hours notice. Since the shock closure, staff at the station have gone into occupation and continued to broadcast online.

REEL NEWS is pleased to announce that they will show our documentary Into The Fire at 8pm on Friday July 19th. We are pleased for this opportunity to support the workers at the station and their struggle to save their jobs and this important national institution. We are also pleased at this opportunity to shine a light of the plight of refugees and migrants in Greece and to infuriate the Greek government, Golden Dawn and the Greek Police.

Issue 36, June 2013

Reel News 36 front cover

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 1: Yolanda (Reel News) 19:35 ***PLAY***

Exposed: a notorious convicted fascist murderer from the transition to “democracy” in Spain is now working for the police. Email us at if you can help organise international solidarity.

2: Blacklisted 2013 (Reel News) 20:00

Huge steps forward for the campaign to stop the illegal blacklisting of construction workers for trade union activity.

3: Biofuels (Reel News) 4:48

Drax are among the power stations planning to burn huge amounts of biofuels in an attempt to appear green.

4: 3 Cosas Campaign (Reel News) 7:47

Big decisions in the campaign for sick pay, pensions and decent holidays for outsourced workers at the university of London.

5: Defend Max, Jawad and Steve (Reel News) 12: 23

Three union members at London Metropolitan university victimised on ludicrous charges.

6: Blacklisting on Crossrail: The Proof (Reel News) 14:57

New series of regional reports on blacklisting, starting with the South East.

7: Save the Independent Living Fund (Reel News) 7:44

Disabled activists start the fight to save an essential benefit.

8: Public Art in South Acton (Reel News) 16:19

Fantastic street art on one of the biggest council estates in West London.


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Issue 35, March 2013

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  1. Into the Fire – The Forgotten Victims of Austerity in Greece (Reel News, 38:50) Refugees and Migrants in Greece.
  2. Somonte – Land and Freedom (Reel News, 13:50) Trade Unionists occupy a 400 hectar farm in Andalucia to grow food and create jobs.
  3. Palace of Varieties: Vincent Figgins and Vicky (Reel News, 2:42)
  4. Save Lewisham Hospital (Reel News, 14:42) Huge Protest in South London as privatisation of NHS accelerates.
  5. Palace of Varieties: Riverdance (Reel News, 2:16)
  6. 3 Cosas – Sickpay, Holiday, Pensions Now! (Reel News, 23:50) Outsourced workers at the University of London increase the pressure for basic rights.
  7. Palace of Varieties: Don Tempi (Reel News, 2:21)