This film is an account of the system of blacklisting operated by the UK construction industry.  It describes how the industry operated a secret blacklist to prevent workers who would make an issue of safety or poor employment practices getting employment.  It also describes the evidence of state involvement in this practice and the struggle by construction workers for a degree of justice.

Sean Taylor – Blacklist No 1

Official video for the new campaign single for the Blacklist Support Group. Multinational building contractors have for decades compiled a secret database of union members in the UK construction industry.
Union members were denied work over many years because they had been stewards or safety reps on previous building projects. Contractors recently had to pay out over £50 million in compensation to workers on the blacklist after a sustained campaign involving direct action, strikes and demos – but they are still being denied work. The campaign will continue until those workers are back where they belong – organising on building sites. More information:, or on Facebook: Blacklist Support Group