COPS: Pitchford Enquiry into undercover policing begins

On Wednesday October 7, the Pitchford Wholesale Jerseys Enquiry into undercover policing began at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. The Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance (COPS) has brought together a number of groups and individuals who have been granted “core participant” status in the enquiry, who are all speaking with one voice: they want the truth about undercover policing in Britain and will not accept a whitewash.

It’s probably too much to expect justice from one arm of the state investigating another arm of the state, but at least a lot of the people who have been violated by the disgusting practises of undercover cops might find out the truth.  In the 6 minute video above, a number of activists detail their own experiences of being spied on.

Watch a talk from core participant Dave Smith of the Blacklist Support Group giving more detail:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

and from Helen Steele, one of 8 women involved in a case against the police who had relationships with men they subsequently found out were undercover cops:

Reel News will be following the enquiry throughout  – keep checking back here, or like our NFL Jerseys Cheap Facebook page, for the latest developments.

Carillion Blacklisting Scandal: Liverpool traffic brought to a standstill

“I think this has got the capacity to be the biggest thing in this city since the dockers strike in 1997.” So Business said Roy Bentham, from the Blacklist Support Group, organisers of the direct cheap jerseys china action at the Royal Liverpool Hospital site which brought chaos to rush hour  traffic.

The dispute has erupted over the awarding of the Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses hospital contract – a 5 year building contract costing £492 million – to notorious blacklisters Carillion, despite Liverpool Council having a policy of not awarding public contracts to known blacklisting companies.

Carillion have refused to Oakleys sunglasses Outlet employ any workers on the blacklist, despite being handed a list of names of currently available people. They are also ignoring national agreed rates for the job, people are working as bogus self-employed, and clauses in the contract for Cheap Jerseys From China the number of apprenticeships and the amount of local labour employed are being completely flaunted.

Follow the Blacklist Support Group on Facebook for details about the next actions – or email them at