#Fightingon! Happy Xmas from the Durham TAs

The Durham lions become the Durham lumiere to say Happy Xmas! The fight goes on though – although they forced the council into a massive climbdown with offers of talks and the suspension of the sacking and reengagement on new contracts, the council are still not offering anything concrete. If the negotiations don’t guarantee the preservation of current pay and conditions, the lions will roar again – at a moment’s notice.

Workers at National Museums Wales on all out indefinite strike

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Workers at 7 museum sites in Wales are on all out indefinite strike after management withdrew weekend working unsocial hours payments. It will mean a 15% cut in wages for people who earn an average wage of just £15,000 a year – the lowest paid are on just £8,000 a year. UPDATE: VICTORY!! STRIKE ENDS AS MANAGEMENT MAKE SIGNIFICANT CONCESSIONS

National Museums Wales escalate strike action over fair pay


Welsh museums, along with the Welsh government, are imposing new contracts on their lowest paid workers which will take away their weekend bonuses. The workers, who are paid around £15,000 a year, and work over 35 weekends a year, depend on the bonuses to survive. They are now planning to escalate their strike action and need your support .

Sixth Form funding: Teachers strike over government lies


David Cameron says that funding for sixth form colleges is “protected” and that colleges will be “better funded.” He’s lying. The current cuts will mean funding has been cut by nearly a quarter since 2010. Teachers are now striking to save education.

Camden: Save Our Youth Services!

A loud and lively protest at a  council meeting to discuss £1.6 million cuts to youth services, which will leave the service 64% worse off than in 2011. This is a result of government cuts to funding and is affecting youth services all over the country. Protestors are demanding that the Labour council do not implement the cuts, and that the government funds statutory youth service provision.

Naomi Klein calls for civil disobedience in Paris to break the ban on demos

At a packed meeting in Paris, Naomi Klein, supported by UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, calls for mass civil disobedience to break the ban on demonstrations on December 12.
Trade unionists and others discuss the real solutions to climate change: an end to fossil fuels, energy democracy, and a just transition to millions of cllimate jobs.