Spain – The End of Austerity?/España – ¿Al Final de la Austeridad?

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MAJOR NEW REEL NEWS FILM: Completely ignored by the mainstream media over here, the social movements in Spain have just sensationally taken control of the councils of the biggest cities in Spain. The “citizen’s platforms” have agreed everything collectively in assemblies throughout the cities, from who would stand as councillors to what their policies would be – and are now implementing an anti-austerity programme which prioritises an end to Ray Ban sale all evictions, bringing fake ray bans privatised services back into public ownership, providing free water and electricity to those who can’t afford to pay, guaranteed access to healthcare for all, and an urgent plan to tackle youth unemployment. People are talking about Privacy a second 1936…is this is the beginning of the end for the politics of austerity in Ray Ban Outlet Europe?
This half hour film also explains the origins and connections between the 15M movement; social movements such as the PAH; Podemos; and the citizens platforms. Make yourself a cuppa, sit back and get NFL Jerseys Cheap inspired and excited…

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