Reel News regular North London night starts April 10

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We’ve finally found a venue to host a regular film night in North London – and hopefully reclaim a bit of Stoke Newington from the horrendous gentrification that’s happened in Church Street over the past Geschäftsmail twenty years. Come and join us every second Thursday of the month for films, discussion, music and drinks – FREE!


2014 sees the 75th anniversary of the end of the Spanish civil war, when a fragile democracy was allowed to be overturned by the combined forces of cheap nfl jerseys European Fascist regimes. Much has been written about the atoricities committed as General Franco took power, but very little about the social movements that rose up in the 60s and 70s that brought an end to the fascist state.

Tonight, we’ll be showing a new Reel News film telling the story of one of the greatest праздники rank and file movements ever seen – an all out indefinite strike in 1976 of factory workers in Vitoria in the Basque Country, which culminated in a general strike of the entire city. The Spanish state, petrified by what seemed to be a soviet developing, ordered the police to open fire on a peaceful strikers’ NFL Jerseys Cheap assembly, murdering 5 workers and wounding over 100.

No-one has ever been brought to Oakleys Outlet justice for this atrocity, as with many other Cheap Jordan Shoes atrocities from the late Franco era and the period of transition to “democracy”. Watch the full incredible story and then join in the discussion on how we can mark the 75th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War by providing some international solidarity with the people of Vitoria’s struggle for justice.


As the Cheap Jordan Shoes campaign against Gove’s attempt to destroy education as we know it gets serious, we’ll be showing a video of the recent NUT Cheap Football Jerseys strike and having a discussion with local teachers and parents about how to escalate the jordan retro 1 action and what form that should take.