Reel News 45, July 2015

Reel News 45Yes, we know it says No 46 – but it really is Issue Needy 45….

1) Spain: The End of Austerity? (Reel News) cheap nfl jerseys shop 34:00 ***PLAY***

Amazing scenes as citizens platforms representing the mass social movements take over the councils of the biggest cities in Spain.

2) Reclaim Brixton (Reel News) 15:28

Thousands gather to tell Lambeth Council: Stop selling off Brixton to property developers.

3) AxeDrax (Reel Ray Ban Sunglasses News) 7:43

Protest at Drax’s AGM over the increasing carbon emissions from burning wood as well as coal.

4) Royal College of Art Rügemer – Living Wage Now! (Reel News) 6:21

Outsourced workers at the Royal College of Art fight for cheap Air Jordans – and win – the London Living Wage.

5) Boycott Coca-Cola (Reel News) 6:14

The major industrial dispute in Spain right now: Coca Cola workers call for a boycott in solidarity with their battle cheap nfl jerseys to nfl jerseys china save jobs.

6) London Met – No Compulsory Redundancies (Reel News) 9:42

Battle to save jobs at the most working class university in Britain.

7) Pay The Rate! (Reel News) 10:11

Major construction dispute erupts jordan retro 11 in Teesside over exploitation of foreign workers.