Massacre in Vitoria – Trailer

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On March 3 1976, police attacked a peaceful assembly of strikers during a general strike, murdering 5 workers and seriously injuring over 100 oakley sunglasses cheap in a desperate attempt to stop one of the greatest rank and file movements ever seen.

Every year on March Хорватия 3 in Vitoria there is a march to remember the dead and continue the fight for justice. If you’re reading this today, the march is not until 7pm – messages of international solidarity would really help.

Please send solidarity messages to:, and watch out for the full Reel News film later this week – the whole incredible story, told by striking workers themselves.

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This will be the latest in a series of films being produced by Reel News to help build international solidarity with the “Querella Argentina”: where Franco’s fascist regime is being put on trial in Argentina for the crimes it committed, and to get justice and reparations for the victims.

Although there has been a lot of information published about the atrocities committed by Franco’s fascist regime during and immediately after the Spanish civil war, little has been said about the intensification of repression by Franco’s regime in the 60s and 70s against the social movements that grew, demanding liberty and basic human rights and ultimately defeating fascism.

The atrocities, continued during the period of transition to “democracy” from 1975-1981. Many of the culprits ray ban sunglasses sale are still alive and holding positions in the police, the army, the civil service and the judiciary – and for this Cheap Jerseys From China reason we’re concentrating on this period. Not only do these people need bringing to justice, but they need to be purged from the Spanish state if another world is to be truly possible.

We will NFL Jerseys China need to make trips to other parts of Spain in order to help in this crucial struggle for justice – but we need money to do it. Obviously there is no cheap nba jerseys funding for a project of this sort cheap jerseys wholesale in Spain, and with the brutal austerity measures, our fellow film cheap jerseys wholesale makers in Madrid have no money either. If you can help, please click the donate button below.