Greece First Cut Preview: Community Organising

We just sent this over to a couple of people in Greece to get some feedback, but seeing as they’re already sharing it around Athens we thought we might as well release it.

Update: See full series ‘Our Present Is Your Future

From the teargas clouds of Syntagma Square emerged a new approach to the crisis. Community kitchens, clothing exchanges and other acts of practical solidarity. Reel It’s not charity, it’s practical solidarity. “We’re not giving to the Cheap Jordan Shoes poor, we are the poor. Any one of us could be homeless next.”

Additional footage courtesy of Mind The Cam, <a fake ray bans title=”Real Democracy Greece” href=”” target=”_blank”>do check out their films!

This is one of 9 films on the growing resistance in Greece that are nearing completion. This one shows the community organisation running in parallel to the growing rank and file organisation in ray ban sunglasses the unions. Reel News 32 – Our Present is Your Future! will be out by early June. Pre-order now to get the DVD in the first mail out!


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