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Alabama 3 live in Manchester

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A small sample of the Manchester gig on the “Revolver Soul” tour cheap MLB Jerseys in 2010 – “Bad to the Bone” and “Up Above My Head”.

Issue 23, April 2010

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1: Defend the Public Sector (Reel News) 26:00
The attack on the public sector has started…and so has the resistance. Reports from the civil servants strike, Kings College strike, pensioners demo, Whittington hospital demo and the Greek general strikes.  ***PLAY***
2: Vote for me (Jenny Cash, Reel News) 3:07
The best election song you’re ever likely to hear, from Mr. Jenny Cash.  ***PLAY***
3: Flashmob at Tory HQ (Indefilms) 5:34
Protest against homophobic statements by the Tories during the election campaign.
4: oakley outlet BA strike (Reel News) 9:44
A courageous strike by BA cabin crew to stop a nasty, union busting boss from wrecking Cheap Jerseys the company.
5: EDL in Dudley (Indefilms) 8:41
Protestors gather to confront a demo against a new mosque in Dudley.
6: Youth fight for jobs (Indefilms) 3:23
March in Barking to give a positive message to youth, to combat the Nazi message of the BNP.
7: Staff Our Stations! (Reel News) 12:00
RMT activists start a campaign to stop 800 jobs being cut in London’s tube stations.
8: Alabama 3 – ‘Revolver Soul’ (avengin angel, Reel News) 28:44
Exclusive live footage and interviews from Brixton’s finest radical acidhouse country music band as they prepare to release their fabulous new album.
9: Can’t complain (Schmovies) 9:29
Hilarious film from the Schmovies archives of the Smash EDO campaign, featuring a serial police helmet tipper.
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Privatise The Air! Copenhagen 2009


David Harvie and Tadzio Mueller from Turbulence, Oscar Reyes from Carbon Ray Ban sale Trade Watch, Naomi Klein and Vandana Shiva explain how the Copenhagen summit was all about exploiting the climate crisis to create new markets and increase privatisation.

Issue 22, February 2010

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Copenhagen: System Change not Climate Change! (Reel News) 80:00
Part 1: Carbon Trading: Privatise the air! 17:57
As the movements gather in Copenhagen, the talks are exposed as another attempt to save global capitalism.  ***PLAY***
Part 2: 100,000 march in Copenhagen 16:48
The biggest march for climate justice ever, plus an introduction to the mass movements of the Global South.
Part 3: Agribusiness and food sovereignty 12:32
La Via Campesina show how switching from agribusiness to organic farming would cut 40% of global emissions overnight.
Part 4: Oil: Shut down the tar sands! 14:42
This horrific project in Cheap Jerseys Canada will take us all over the tipping points on its own if we don’t stop it.
Part 5: Wind: Vestas protest 4:27
Vestas workers invade the Danish company’s cocktail party.
Part 6: Reclaim Power! 13:34
Direct action inside and outside the summit culminate in a People’s Assembly, and the real solutions to climate change.
Fujitsu strike (Reel News) 15:46
The first ever national IT strike in British history over jobs, pay and pensions.
EDL in Stoke Magan (Indefilms) 4:40
Not a pretty sight, and some very offensive language – the English Defence League show their true colours.
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