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Issue 9, August 2007

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1: Save Our Postal Services (Reel News) 20:58
Rolling strike action from CWU members brings the postal service to a standstill, as the posties campaign over pay and conditions and to stop privatisation.
2: Metronet (Reel News) 4:50
RMT maintenance workers at Metronet protest at Downing St and signal their determination to defend jobs and conditions as the firm goes bust.
3: Blair’s Last Day (Oscar Beard) 8:32
Amid a distinct lack of tributes from the British people on Blair’s last day, some conscientious citizens attempt to make a citizen’s arrest for war crimes.
4: Real Harm (Schmovies) 6:30
No Borders protest at Harmondsworth detention centre, where SRO asylum seekers are treated worse than criminals.
5: Another Woman Prisoner Dead (Oscar Beard/Reel News) 13:52
Sadly Pauline Campbell has to make another direct action protest at a needless death – this time outside Holloway Prison in London.
6: The Struggle (Fluffy’s Film Factory) 4:36
7: Live Earth (Oscar Beard) 6:12
‘Stars’ from jordan retro 11 all over the world come to Wembley for a concert to highlight global warming…and leave a dirty great big carbon footprint making it worse in the process.
8: Hilton Meatpackers (Reel News) 3:48
Polish meatpackers at a factory that supplies Tesco get organised in response to plans to make them work a 13 hour day.
9: Make my Day (Schmovies) 6:39
The No Borders protest cheap oakleys at Harmondsworth detention centre is disrupted by farcical and frankly baffling police tactics.
10: The 43 Group (London Video History Group) 20:30
The inspiring story of the 43 group, who stopped the growth of fascism after the 2nd World War by physically kicking the fascists off the streets.
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Issue 8, July 2007

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1: Intro (Oscar Beard) 3:08
2: Saturday Demo (Reel News) 14:46
The protests against the G8 summit begin with a peaceful march – until the police attempt to provoke the protestors…
3: Saturday Demo 2 (Oscar Beard) 6:38
4: Agricultural demo (Reel News) 8:24
On Sunday, La Via Campesina takes centre stage – little known in Britain, but by far the largest social movement in the world.
5: 1992: The Nazi Pogrom (Spectacle films) 11:28
In 1992, neo-nazis descended on Rostock intent on burning down a guestworkers hostel with the workers still in it. An extract fro one of the most frightening documentaries ever made.
6: Lichtenhagen (Oscar Beard) 3:49
An attempt t gather to say “Neber Again” to the Nazi pogrom of 1992 is disrupted by an Cheap Jordan Sale unforgivable abuse of police powers.
7: No Borders Demo (Reel News) 9:28
On Monday the police make a Cheap Oakleys last desperate attempt to discredit the protests as they refuse to let the No Borders demo start. The attempt is doomed to failure…
8: Anti Military demo (Reel News) 3:28
9: Blockades 1 Fake Ray Bans (Reel News) 14:09
Wednesday: As the G8 starts, so do the blockades – a breathtaking display of unity and organisation as thousands block every route to the summit.
10: Blockades 2 (Oscar Beard) 3:16
11: Thursday Blockades (Oscar Beard) 7:05
12: Shell Demo (Oscar Beard) 3:06
Protestors from Britain and Ireland lead a protest against Shell’s contamination of the drinking water in Ireland.
13: Greenpeace Actions (Greenpeace/Reel News) 5:00
While all the roads into the summit are blocked, Greenpeace attempt to block the way in by sea.
14: Rostock: Some Views (Reel News) 5:00
Activists reflect on the significance of Rostock.
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Issue 7, May 2007

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1: Workers Memorial Day (Reel News) 13:40
More people are killed in incidents at work than they are in wars. On the annual Workers Memorial Day march, families speak out over the lack of justice and the lack of a corporate manslaughter law – PLUS the Battersea Crane Disaster Action Group’s campaign.
2: Mayday 1: PCS strike (Reel News) 12:43
The latest stage in the PCS’s campaign to stop 100,000 job losses and attacks on pay and conditions, as the strike on Mayday and lead the annual International Workers Day march… ***PLAY***
3: Mayday 2: Spacejackers (Oscar Beard) 5:10
…meanwhile, the Spacejackers descend on Canary Wharf in an attempt to bring the spirit of Mayday to the City.
4: 2,000 Demos (Reel News) 9:35
Mark Thomas’s attempt to make the SOCPA laws unworkable reaches new heights as 100 people stage 20 individual demos each in one day, giving the police 2,000 pieces of paperwork to do …
5: No Advertising Day (Reel News) 3:30
The people of Manchester wake up one day to find all the advertising hoardings have disappeared. Who’s behind this mystery??
6: G8 2003: Evian (Reel News) 12:12
A look back to Evian in 2003. The G8 meet in a seemingly impregnable fortress, but are outwitted by mass direct action blocking all the bridges to the summit.
7: Conflict: ‘No Power’ Videos (Conflict/Reel News) 7:50
Previously unreleased collaboration with one of the most uncompromising punk bands ever – the videos for ‘No Power Without Control’ and ‘From St. Pauls to Seattle’.
8: Wrong Lane ray ban outlet Jane Cheap Oakleys (No Budget Films) 5:39
Powerful antiwar poems from Brixton’s very own Wrong Lane Jane.
9: Stop Deportations to D.R.Congo (Oscar Beard) 5:05
Protestors stage a demonstration outside the embassy.
10: Save Sadiq! (Reel News) 12:28
Everyone is appalled at what’s happening in Cheap nfl Jerseys Darfur – so why are the UK government determined to send opponents of the regime like Sadiq back to certain death?
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Issue 6, April 2007

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1: Stop Trident 1: Aldermaston (Reel News) 14:48
Easter weekend: activists gather at the nuclear base and succeed in shutting it down for the day. Includes interviews with women from the peace camp and veterans who remember the first demo in 1958.
2: Stop Trident 2: Faslane (Bristol activists) 10:24
Another nuclear facility shut down, this time as medical professionals from Bristol join the year of daily protests at Faslane in Scotland.
3: PCS dispute: MoD strike (Reel News) 9:46
Yet another military shut down for the day at Leconsfield near Hull, but this time by the workers themselves. PCS members strike over pay and privatisation in a brilliant display of militancy. ***PLAY***
4: Manchester: Fujitsu strike (Reel News) 9:08
Fujitsu workers have been striking over their conditions all year. We visit them as they approach the point of winning their dispute.
5: Fluffy against Cheap Jordan Shoes the war (No Budget Films) 1:42
Another poem from Fluffy Smiff.
6: Mayo: Policing the pollution (extract) (Oscar Beard) 18:20
Shell are building an oil refinery off cheap jerseys the coast of Mayo in Ireland, which is contaminating the drinking water with deadly amounts of aluminium. The local people are mounting a brave rearguard action against them.
7: How Cuba survived peak oil (Community Solution) 20:04
This is a shortened version of the film showing what Cuba did when the Russian oil supply halved overnight as a result of the fall of the Stalinist states. An uplifting tale showing that life could be better without wholesale jerseys oil.
8: G8 2005: Gleneagles (Reel News) 10:51
As the build up to this year’s G8 protests starts, this is Κατασκευή what happened at the G8 protests in Scotland in 2005 – featuring a great cameo from the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army.
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Issue 5, March 2007

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1: Oaxaca 1: Teachers’ History (Corrugated Films) 10:07

The teachers in Mexico have traditionally been the most militant group of workers – like the UK miners. This film charts their history from the start of the last century up to Oaxaca in 2006.

2: Oaxaca 2: Uprising! (Mexican activists/Reel News) 13:23

Started by the teachers and developing into an entire community declaring autonomy, seizing city hall and tv and radio stations. White hot footage from people’s assembly of Oaxaca and Indymedia Oaxaca.

3: Coca Ray Ban Outlet Cola in Kerala (Independent Media Society) 6:38

An extract from a film showing the threat Coca-Cola posed to people’s livelihoods and the water supply in Kerala.

4: ESOL students speak out (Reel News) 9:55

As plans to slash teaching of English as a Second Language are unveiled, students at Lambeth College explain how vital these courses are for them.

5: Voluntary Sector Under Threat (Reel News) 10:44

More cuts in Lambeth, as pensioners, health service users and day centre users storm a council meeting in fury at their services being slashed.

6: Save Whipps X Hospital (Reel News) 8:23

Whipps X Hospital in North London is under threat of closure. A powerful coalition of local cheap MLB Jerseys people has built up to fight back.

7: Fluffy Smiff (No Budget Films) 1:52

Another poem from Fluffy.

8: Genova Libera (2001, various inc. Reel News) 33:26

The full story of the G8 Cheap Jerseys From China protests in Italy – the most infamous European anti-capitalist protests ever. The Italian state, supported by Bush and Blair, resorts to heavy violence to shut down the anti-capitalist movement – and fails.

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Issue 4, February 2007

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1: PCS strike (Reel News) 20:00
PCS members take strike action over 100,000 job losses and attacks on wages and condtions. Views from the picket lines, march and rally, as well as the build up to the strike. ***PLAY***
2: Argentina: Tube Workers Fight for a 6 Hour Day (Grupo Alavio) 19:40
One of the most militant cheap jordan shoes group of workers in Argentina, the Buenos Aires tube workers demanded a 6 hour day on the same wages and conditions as for an 8 hour day – and won.
3: Burberry Moves to China (Reel News) 4:19
Burberry want their clothes to be made in sweatshops in China. No Sweat and the GMB try to stop them.
4: Stop the Deaths In Women’s Prisons! (Reel News) 19:40
Pauline Campbell is fighting a courageous campaign of direct action to stop the growing deaths in women’s prisons – this time she is outside Styal prison after the needless death of a mother of 5 children.
5: Guantanamo Vigil and Protest (Oscar Beard) 4:50
Amnesty’s moving protest against Guantanamo bay outside the U.S. embassy.
6: G8, Scotland 2005: Faslane (Reel News) 6:20
The nuclear facility is shut down for the day during the G8 protests.
7: Fluffy and her Fairies (No Budget Films) 7:24
More of Fluffy’s poems.
8: Reclaim Love 2006 (Euan, Rikki and Venus) 6:30
The annual Reclaim Love event – or how to bring Central London to a a standstill and get the police to smile at the same time!
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Issue 3, December 2006

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1: Conference For Fighting Unions (Reel News) 18:26
Organised by RESPECT, this conference brought together militants from all the major current campaigns. Includes footage from the firefighters’ strike earlier in the year.
2: Justice For Cleaners: Victory! (Reel News) 13:14
Cleaners in the T&GWU conduct a serious of noise protests, culminating in an audacious occupation of Merrill Lynch’s foyer in pursuit of a living wage.
3: Venezuela Today, The World Tomorrow (extract) (CWU & Gateshead UNISON) 5:16
An extract from a film made during a trade union delegation visit to Venezuela.
4: Save Adult Education (Reel News) 18:48
A brilliant conference organised by Lambeth UCU, UNISON and NUS, plus the fight to save one of the few schools for students with hearing difficulties in Redhill from closing.
5: Palestine: Bethlehem (extract) (Ed Hill) 14:54
This is not the image of Bethlehem that Israel wants you to see at Xmas or any other time, as Ed concentrates on the apartheid wall that splits the city in half.
6: Fluffy Smiff: A Christmas Poem (No Budget Films) 3:03
Fluffy looks at Xmas in her own inimitable way.
7: Bolivia: Justice For Goni Now! (Reel News) 10:20
2003: The war against the sell off of the gas supply – an uprising of a quarter of the population brings down the government. Now they want ex-president Goni brought to justice for the massacres he sanctioned.
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Issue 2, November 2006

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1: Argentina – Zanon: A Victory For Workers’ Control (Reel News)
The Zanon ceramics factory in Neuquen, leading discount oakley workplace in the recovered factories movement, has been under workers control since 2001. This is their incredible story.
2: Bolivia – Miners Fight For Their Lives (Reel News)
More workers control in Latin America, this time a jordans for sale tin mine and an airport in Bolivia.
3: Battle To Save The NHS (Reel News)
NHS Logistics workers strike to try and stop TNT taking over the service, while 10,000 march in Epsom against their local hospital closing.
4: Workington – Getting Agency Staff Unionised (Reel News)
Addecco agency workers in the PCS achieved an historic first in their ballot for union recognition – 100% turnout, 100% yes vote. This shows how they did it.
5: Cable St – 70 years of Fighting Fascism (Reel News)
Veterans of the great battle in the East End which spelt the end of Mosely’s British Union of Fascists gather to commemorate one of our class’s key victories.
6: Fluffy Smiff – Political Performance Poetry (No Budget Films)
Fluffy’s thoughts on the police.
7: No Sweat – The Case For Solidarity (Reel News/No Sweat)
A look at the work of the anti-sweat shop group which includes incredible footage of all the key anti-capitalist struggles across the world.
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Issue 1, October 2006

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1:Time To Go! Troops Out of Iraq (Reel News) 8:26
The Stop The War demonstration outside the Labour Party Conference in Manchester in September 2006.
2: Lebanon: August 2006 (Reel News/Guy Smallman) 17:09
Guy Smallman’s photo report of Israel’s destruction of Lebanon, and the inspiring defiance shown by the Lebanese people.
3: Fun-Da-Mental: Fighting the Censors (Reel News/Fun-Da-Mental) 15:00
Fun-Da-Mental’s brilliant new album, “All Is War” has been met with a level of censorship arguably not seen since the Sex Pistols. We give main man Aki a chance to speak out, and present the tracks no-one else will play.
4: Aram’s Story – No Safe Haven (The Independent Media nba jerseys sales Society) 10:20
Aram fled Iraq after cheap jordans online refusing to be used as a suicide bomber. Incredibly, Wholesale Jerseys the UK government want to send him back. This is his story.
5: Warming Up For Climate Change (Reel News/Indymedia) 19:34
The case for taking urgent action on climate change now. George Monbiot, Tony Kearns (CWU) and other speak at a Campaign against Climate Change meeting – PLUS the first ever climate camp at Drax power station.
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