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Issue 18, April 2009

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1: Visteon workers – Fighting for us all (Reel News/Luke Allen) 25:00
600 ex-Ford workers at Visteon auto-parts factories are sacked without redundancy pay with 6 minutes notice. They respond by occupying their factories.
2: G20 protests – The whole story (Luke Allen/Reel News) 20:00
A week of  brilliant, peaceful protests against their solution to the recession, and a decision by the police to use criminal violence which has plunged them into crisis.
3: Ian Tomlinson Memorial March (Jason N.Parkinson, da100thmonkey) 6:11
Newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson died after being batoned and knocked down by riot police on the G20 Meltdown protests. On 11 April people marched in his memory.
4: Tamil – break the silence! (da100thmonkey, Jason N. Parkinson) 12:49
80 million tamils worldwide – 300,000 in the UK – raise their voices in unity against nearly 30 years of genocide in Sri Lanka.
5: DAN in Birmingham (Indefilms) 5:26
The Disabled Peoples Direct Action Netowrk occupy Birmingham’s housing and social services department, demanding independent living.
6: Sooty and Sweep do G20 (da100thmonkey) 7:33
G20 Bankers’ Tea Party!
7: Global Economic Meltdown (Jason N. Parkinson) 10:00
Frontline eyewitness reporting from the baton charges, the blood and injuries and the iron curtain G20 clampdown on the press and protest.
8: throwback jerseys Dundee: Prisme occupation (Reel News) 6:00
Another great response to the shutting down of a factory, as the cardboard packaging workers refuse to leave and plan to reopen the factory as a workers’ cooperative.
9: Waterford crystal – under occupation (Reel News) 13:00
The first of the current wave of factory occupations, as Waterford Crystal workers refuse to let an Irish institution be shut down and the community of Waterford destroyed.
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Issue 17, February 2009

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1: Free Palestine! Smash Zionism! (Reel News) 32:23
The massacre in Gaza is the latest Cheap Jerseys From China arocity in a 60 year racist zionist agenda. This film looks at the history of the region, what zionism really stands for, and the true horror of what is cheap jordan shoes really happening.
2: Gaza: Occupy your college! (Reel News) 10:40
As the movement builds to end zionism, more and more colleges are being occupied with concrete demands for action. Includes inspiring footage from SOAS, LSE and Kings. ***PLAY***
3: Smash EDO: Decom (Schmovies) 4:46
More effective action, as the Brighton factory making components for weapons used by Israel is brought to a shuddering halt.
4: Lowkey: Peace Now – Palestine (Da 100th Monkey) 5:00
London based rapper Lowkey delivers his message to the protestors in Hyde Park.
5: Boiling Point (Jason N. Parkinson) 16:00
A visual account of the pro & anti Israel protests between the 3rd & 11th of January.
6: Afghanistan: The Forgotten War (Guy Smallman/Reel News) 11:38
Guy Smallman’s photo report shows the devastating effects of a war of  “liberation” on the Afghani people.
7: John Sinclair on tour (Reel News) 12:22
Poet, writer, revolutionary and ex-manager of the legendary MC5 captured on his recent visit to London.
8: Mutate Britain (Reel News) 8:00
The Mutoid Waste Company’s recent exhibition of cutting edge street art, futuristic recycled metal vehicles Bericht and more.
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Issue 16, December 2008

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1: The Legacy of the Black Panthers (Reel News) 20:49
Spawned by the U.S. civil rights movement of the 60s, the Black Panther Party have been constantly misrepresented. Here ex-members speak for themselves about the work of this great revolutionary party and why they are still so relevant today. ***PLAY***
2: Bus drivers strike (Reel News) 11:10
Bus drivers in London unite across the different companies for a decent pay rise, in the largest, angriest pickets seen since the postal workers strike.
3: What happens to the innocent? (MOJO) 17:05
Problems encountered by four miscarriages of justice victims – Paddy Hill, Andy Smith, Tommy Campbell and Robert Brown. Includes the work done by the Miscarriages of Justice Organisation, and their goal of a retreat for the victims of injustice.
4: Global Economic Crisis (Jason N. Parkinson) cheap jordans online 10:57
October 10 2008 became known as Black Friday, the day the global financial market went into the largest meltdown in history. In London united political groups massed and tried to march on the city, in protest at the £500 billion taxpayer bailout.
5: ‘Prison’ – A one man play by Charlie Ryder (Reel News/Charlie Ryder) 18:30
Charlie Ryder was sentenced to 16 months in prison for defending himself against the police, when they viciously attacked a demonstration to shut down the BNP in Welling. This is his story.
6: 10th United Families and Friends march (Jason N. Parkinson) 4:26
The tenth silent march on Downing Street to highlight custody deaths saw families of the dead pay tribute to stalwart campaigner Pauline Campbell who died earlier this year.
7: Brukman Clothing Factory (Reel News) 21:08
A lasting legacy of the uprising in Argentina in 2001/02 has been the incredible occupied factories movement. The women of Brukman were the first to realise ‘a cheap jordans online factory without bosses’.
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Argentina special – Nov 2008

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1: Argentina in Revolt (Reel News/Miss Diagnosed) 33:08

We last saw a banking system collapse in Argentina in 2001. The resultant uprising brought down 4 governments in 10 days and saw millions of First ordinary people take to the streets with the cry of “QUE SE VAYAN TODOS” – GET RID OF THEM ALL!

2: Brukman Clothing Factory (Reel News) 20:00

A lasting legacy of the uprising has been the incredible occupied factories movement – there are oakley sunglasses cheap now over 300 workplaces in Argentina under workers’ control. The women of Brukman were the first to realise ‘a factory without bosses’.

3: Zanon ceramics factory (Reel News, first presented in Reel News 2) 12:57

Zanon hockey jerseys was the first factory oakley outlet to occupy. The largest ceramics factory in Latin America, it now boasts 500 NFL Jerseys Cheap workers running things collectively.

4: Hotel Bauen (Grupo Alavio, first presented in Reel News 11) 20:51

A luxury hotel in the centre of Buenos Aires, under workers’ control since 2003 and an amazing centre of political activity.

5: Tube Workers’ fight for a 6 hour day (Grupo Alavio, first presented in Reel News 4) 19:40

One of the most militant group of workers in Argentina, the tube workers demanded a 6 hour day on the same wages and conditions as for an hour day – and won!


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Issue 15, September 2008

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1: erótico Climate Caravan (da 100th monkey) 4:22
The build up to the highly successful camp starts in July as the climate caravan begins its journey from Heathrow to Kingsnorth power station.
2: Climate Camp – Agrofuels (Reel News/Cine Rebelde/Lasojamata) 17:00
See the brilliant action during climate camp, the horrific truth behind biofuels and the growing fightback in Paraguay.
3: Tipping Point (Leo Murray) 11:34
Animated film form Plane Stupid’s Leo Murray, explaining how runaway climate change could begin…and what we can do to stop it.
4: Climate Camp – Kingsnorth (Reel News) 19:00
Arguments and direct action against new coal fired power stations, a bigger trade union presence at the camp and the growing campaign for green jobs and just transition. ***PLAY***
5: Reporting Climate Camp (Jason N. Parkinson) 11:27
Police seem hellbent this year on making journalists’ lives as difficult as possible in between their hopeless attempts at stopping the camp…
6: Press Freedom: Collateral Damage (Jason N. Parkinson) 9:28
…and this NUJ commissioned film shows it’s not an isolated example, as freedom of the press comes under increasing attack.
7: 402(Trailer) (Punkvert) 5:45
Trailer of Punkvert’s film of political artists collective The Treatment Rooms’ astonishing visit to America to witness their friend’s execution.
8: Roma in Italy (John Sinha/Jess Hurd) 14:47
Berlusconi is back in power, and now Rome has a neo-fascist mayor. Roma families speak out over the state-sponsored surge in racism they are now having to endure.
9: Batons n’ Bombs (Schmovies) 16:13
The Smash EDO carnival in Brighton runs rings round the police yet again as the beleagured bomb factory takes another body blow.
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