Reel News reporting from Greece in March 2012

Video rushes of immigrant workers protest

Today Athens’ immigrant community and their supporters on the left marched against increasing racist attacks and recent gains by Greek neo nazis. Hundreds of riot police were mobilised to stop fake oakleys the marchers from driving a handful of racists from St Panteleimonas square. See photo slideshow of the march.

Reel News is going to Greece – Thanks to your support!

We’re going to Greece! Last week, we asked for your support to be able to go to Greece. We asked for £1,500 to get there and back and pay expenses. Your support has been amazing, and we’ve passed the minimum budget.  We’ll need to also cover the editing and post production, so jordans for sale the fund raising is still going. Thanks to everyone who has donated! You rock!

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-965" Fake Oakleys title=”General Strike in Greece 2010, original by la Guy Smallman – click image for full gallery.” src=”” alt=”General Strike in Greece 2010, original by Guy Smallman – click image for full gallery.” width=”1021″ height=”680″ srcset=” 1021w,×199.jpg 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 1021px) 100vw, 1021px” />

Also big thanks to everyone who has taken out or renewed their subscriptions and bought our DVDs.

We’ll be leaving on Friday the 16th, and will be posting regular updates on this site – so keep checking back! Below are the stories we hope to cover, if you know anything about them, can get us in touch with people to talk to or know off events happening while we’re in Greece, get in touch!

Ways out of the crisis – The people’s response

  • Several work places in Greece have been occupied and are now run by workers. Amongst them a hospital, steel factory, news paper, and – of course – universities.
  • When extra taxes were imposed, not through the normal channels, but by adding costs to the electricity bills, impossible to pay for most households, workers refused to implement this supplement.
  • While farmers don’t get a whole lot for their potatoes, in the shops they are rather expensive. cheap jordan shoes In response, sales have plummeted. When farmers couldn’t sell their produce, and decided to give it away rather than have it go to waste, it was the start of the potato wholesale nfl jerseys movement: Farmers and consumers are in direct contact on the internet and bypass traditional allocation structures, increasing the profit for farmers and lowering the prices for consumers.

Reel News is going to Greece; help us get there

Reel News have been asked to go on a solidarity trip to Greece in two weeks time. The delegation trip will last three days, but we are planning to go for two weeks in order to report about different aspects of the Greek resistance on film and photo.

We need to raise £1,500 very quickly to cover oakley sunglasses sale the costs and to pay the bills we have this month before we go. We put together a newsletter, please share with anyone you think may be interested.

UPDATE: Thanks very much everyone for the amazing response to our appeal. We have now received £568 in cash, cheques and via Paypal, which means we’ve been able to buy our tickets out to Greece. Now we need the money to get home again! Another £560 has been pledged, but may not arrive in time before we leave on the 16th – and even if we include that money we’re still £372 short of our target. So if you or your union branch has promised money, please try and send it as soon as possible – and please keep sharing this appeal to anyone you think might help. Thanks again!

Greece general strike

We plan to meet up with:

  • Hospital workers who are occupying their hospital
  • The steel factory that has been in occupation for over three months
  • Media workers producing their own newspaper
  • Students occupying their universities
  • The electricity workers who refused to implement a supplement on electricity bills to pay the deficit
  • Migrant workers and the situation at the greek borders

Let us know if you know of anything else we should cheap MLB Jerseys be covering.

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Our first funding appeal by text message has raised £470 – some of which hasn’t come through yet. We need another £1,000 to make this trip happen! Help us by making a one off donation, buying DVDs or taking out subscriptions. We’ve got the flights covered, but will have other expenses for travel, food, phone bills and additional equipment.We will undertake to provide a full reportback on the trip to all trade unions or other organisations and institutions who can sponsor us, as well as of course producing a film of the trip.

In addition to the support we have so far gotten to go to Greece, we have raised the £350 necessary to produce the upcoming issue 31. The DVDs should be ready to send out by the end of this week, Group so if you haven’t got it yet, pre-order now.


ReelNews31 Cover
1. Balfour Beaten! (Reel News, 17:02) Historic victory for the rank and file sparks in the most important industrial dispute for 25 years.
2. Blacklisted – new 2012 version (Reel News, 21:00) As the sparks  go on the offensive, this will be one of the main demands – an end to the illegal blacklisting of building workers for trade union activities.
3. CHICAGO Schools: Shutdown at the CPS Board Meeting (Labor Beat, 22:00) A new regular slot on Reel News from Labor Beat in Chicago, this film is about the campaign to save community schools.
4. Banner Theatre: Fighting The Cuts! (Reel News/Banner Theatre, 8:00) An extract from their latest inspiring show. Banner’s survival is itself under threat from cuts, please help them out!
5. Jet tanker drivers dispute jordans for cheap (Reel News, 3:45) Strike over a 20% pay cut from a firm making $3.2 billion profits.
6. BULGARIA Fracking Victory! (Climate Action Coalition Bulgaria, 9:00) Huge demos in Bulgaria force the Government to ban the dangerous process of fracking.
7. MEXICO Arte Urbano (Reel News/The Treatment Rooms, 23:10) The Treatment Rooms work with excluded youth in Mexico to make a beautiful ceramic mural.
8. MEXICO Zapatistas: March for Peace (Alaghom Films) The Zapatistas march against Calderon’s drug war.

We rely for our funding on DVD sales, subscriptions and donations. This allows us to maintain our independence and reflect the concerns of the ordinary worker. Although we are growing steadily, we still struggle to meet running costs, and can’t afford to pay ourselves more than expenses as yet.

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