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Just Transition: A low carbon economy that benefits workers and communities

***FULL 26 MIN VERSION*** The COP 23 climate talks in Bonn last month were dominated by the concept of just transition, both inside the conference and outside in the actions and meetings of climate activists. But what does just transition mean? How can we move to a low carbon economy in a way that isn’t to the detriment of workers who work in the fossil fuel industry and the communities that have been ruined under capitalism? Trade unionists and environmentalists from all over the world outline a number of visionary projects and ideas. Featuring Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, Scot E3, the battle against coal in the Phillippines, just transition in North Dakota and Jackson, just recovery in Puerto Rico and Texas, and the astonishing Ende Gelände action which shut down the lignite coalfield in the Rheinland.

13 minute version …

And the BiFab occupation as a stand alone video.

Catalonia – The Streets Will Always Be Ours!

Version in English

Version in Spanish

The full 38 minute film of the extraordinary struggle in Catalonia against the oppression and violence of the Spanish state and for the right to vote, and the key role played by the radical left at the heart of the movement – from the student general strike that started things off, through the hundreds of thousands of people taking direct action and civil disobedience to ensure the referendum happened, to the 2 million strong general strike two days later against the police violence – with activists from across the radical left explaining the issues and how they organised around them. Versions in Spanish and Catalan coming soon  on this channel. Hopefully this will help to debunk some of the myths and misunderstandings circulating about the Catalan independence struggle so that we can concentrate on building international solidarity for the right to democracy without fear of violence and imprisonment.