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The head of Ofsted walks into a pub…

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…and the pub Cheap Ray Bans happens to be full of striking sixth form teachers. See what happens next…and given that this happened at 3pm in the afternoon, has Sir Michael knocked off early to get a pint? Or is this when when he normally finishes work? At Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses least he agrees that turning all schools into academies is a bad idea…

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Skanska offices occupied over illegal blacklisting


The offices of Swedish construction company Skanska were occupied today by the Blacklist Support Group. Skanska, who are facing charges of illegal conspiracy to blacklist in the High Court, have Fake Oakleys spent more money than any other cheap oakleys company on blacklisting – in 2008-09 they spent over £28,000, or nearly 13,000 workers checked.