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Coryton workers clash with Police.<!–

On Monday workers from the Coryton refinery in Essex held a protest at the Vopak fuel depot in Purfleet. Tanker drivers entering and leaving the site were leafleted and the event remained calm and good natured throughout the afternoon.

Then by arrangement with the police the workers went to the gate of the wholesale jerseys depot for a photo call and to listen to speeches. Midway through a moving presentation by a striking Spanish miner the inspector in charge interrupted and demanded that the protesters returned to their designated area. Incensed by his rudeness the protesters insisted on staying until the international guest had finished speaking.

The Police then brought out two TSG units who moved in behind the demonstrators and started shoving them down the road. They chose to wholesale nfl jerseys attack in Wholesale NFL Jerseys the one part of the protest where the wives of the Coryton workers were standing which inflamed the situation yet further. Scuffles broke out and of three people were arrested though it was unclear why they had been targeted. They have since been released and the Coryton workers are planning more protestes against the 800 threatened job losses.

Athens Racist Attack

Update 15 June: Attackers released!

Also watch our video “It’s still like being in a war zone” on immigration in Greece.

At 3am in the morning of Tuesday, 12 June 2012, a Wholesale Jerseys horrific racist act of terror unfolded in a quiet Athens suburb. At 3am several motorbikes with passengers descended on a quiet street in the Perama neighbourhood of Pireaus. They began to vandalise vehicles belonging to some Egyptian fisherman staying in a house on the street. The racists then tried to force their way into the house throwing an explosive device through the broken glass of the front door. Inside the occupants managed to hold the attackers off by stopping them from forcing the doors and windows open.

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Sadly one of the fishermen was asleep on the roof of the building when the assault happened. 24-year-old Abouz Mubarek was beaten almost to death where he lay. His keys, cigarettes and bloodstained bedding still lay where he had beaten when we arrived at the scene this afternoon. Despite this being a clear case of attempted murder there were no Police present or forensic cheap jordan shoes specialists examining the scene. The Police have arrested six individuals though they are making the outrageous claim that this was not at ‘organised’ attack.

If that is the case then how do they explain how the three cars and vans that were smashed only belonged to the Egyptians? The use of explosives? The an time of day? The fact that racist violence involving gangs using motorbikes bears all the hallmarks of well-documented actions by Golden Dawn activists?

Also on the same afternoon, Golden Dawn members threatened an Egyptian family in a square a few miles from the scene. They were told that “if Fake Ray Bans the fishermen made a statement” then every Egyptian in the area “would be killed.“

Exactly where to these thugs get such detailed information on who is who in the migrant community? It also seems a staggering coincidence that one of the fishermen had taken part in an anti racist TV film. Anti fascists are planning some some kind of response to the attack this coming Saturday.<!–


 Update 15 June 2012:

We have been told that the 6 suspects who had been identified by the victims of the attack and arrested have now been released. Five of them were ordered to pay €2,000, stay in the country and report to a police station every 15 days and not leave the country. Apparently this is due to the police finding the witness statements contradictory. When we visited the scene of the attack, there was not a single officer, and as far as we know there was no proper investigation of the scene of a crime which, judging from visual evidence such as the amount of blood and witness accounts, could amount to attempted murder. The ray ban sale police have claimed that the attack was not organised. We were shown a video yesterday, filmed at a Golden Dawn meeting the evening of the attack, where a Golden Dawn speaker reportedly says that Egyptian fishermen should ask Golden Dawn for permission before taking any action. Hopefully we will have more on this soon.

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Massive Anti Fascist protests across Greece<!–

On Friday thousands of people took to the streets of Athens in opposition custom jerseys to recent electoral gains by the neo nazi Golden Dawn party. Similar protests were held across the country. The march called by Keerfa and the Immigrant Workers Union.

It was led by veteran anti fascist Katina Sifkaki who fought as a resistance fighter against the nazis in occupied Greece during World War Two. Many people were impressed when she attended the oakley outlet Genoa protests in 2001. She is now 97!

Meanwhile Golden Dawn are not exactly winning hearts and minds in the run up to the next elections. On Thursday their MP Ilias Kasidiaris assaulted two women MPs on live television. Many people have noted that the failure of the Greek Police to arrest him may have something to cheap jordans for sale do with the fact that over 50% of Greek Police voted for the Nazis last month.

Photos by Guy Smallman