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Action against privatisation escalates at Sussex University<!–

On Monday fake ray bans March 25th over 1,000 students and their supporters braved the freezing weather to march in support of the campaign against cuts and privatisation. The day of action saw the occupation spread to new nba jerseys sales venues and the college admin office get Millbanked.

The protest started with a number of speeches by students and college workers against the ongoing attempts by managers to cut costs and privatise college services. Cheap Jordan Shoes There followed cheap nhl jerseys a peaceful march around the campus which passed the different sites of protests and hockey jerseys saw occupiers letting off flares and smoke grenades. When the protest reached the office of the Vice Chancellor demonstrators rattled the windows and remonstrated with a provocative presence of private security guards inside.

After making their point the protestors seemed to be winding down and preparing to move off elsewhere when a unit of Police carrying riot helmets barged into the side of the demonstration for no apparent reason. This raised the temperature considerably and in the ensuing chaos the front doors of the offices fell inwards as people tried to escape the scrum. Meanwhile the police were pushed back by the students into a corner until they agreed to back down. They were later seen being let into a side entrance of the newly occupied building by college security.

After the march students held an assembly in one of the spaces that had been taken on the day. Messages of support for their principled stand continue to Lekker roll in from across the UK and further afield. 20 MPs have signed cheap jerseys wholesale an early day motion in support of their action.

Photos by Guy Smallman

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Game Over for the EDL?

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The numbers turning out to support the racist por English Defence League (EDL) at protests over the past two weekends suggest that the organisation is in sharp decline in the North of England and all but finished in the South.

This follows a string of setbacks for EDL over the past year or two. In September 2011 thousands of people hit the streets of Whitechapel to stop them from entering the borough of Tower Hamlets. EDL supporters were harrassed all over East London and an EDL coach had its windows smashed as it left the area. Then in April 2012 Brighton Anti Fascists scored a spectacular victory when the EDL attempted to march through the town (pics). Later in September thousands of locals drove the EDL from Walthamstow and kept them out again the following month.

This year is looking no better for them. On February 23rd Cambridge saw its second protest by the organisation. The previous one had seen up to 300 people attend (albeit outnumbered by a counter demo by cheap authentic jordans the UAF). This time they pulled in just 30 supporters who where seen fighting each other in an oversized pen and getting spectacularly drunk before leaving early. They were outnumbered by anti fascists by over 15-1.

This Saturday (March 2nd) saw no more than 450 people attend a ‘national’ EDL protest in Manchester. A similar number joined a counter demo by Unite Against Fascism and Manchester Against Racism and Fascism. Aside from the UAF around NFL Jerseys Cheap 150 militant anti fascists attempted to confront the EDL and were only prevented from doing so by a massive police operation. The EDL turnout was less than a quarter of the numbers seen when they last visited the city in 2009. Then as now they were outnumbered. Though this oakley sunglasses for men time the counter protest was only a local mobilisation as the date clashed with the UAF conference.

It is common knowledge that they are plagued by infighting and that many of the football hooligan firms that they relied upon have now deserted them. Most human beings are presently hoping, that at their present rate of meltdown, they will soon be little more than a bad memory. Though to be fair, they have given us ray ban sunglasses sale a few good memories as well.

Click here for an in depth look at the politics of the EDL.

Photos by Guy Smallman

Sussex University Occupation against cuts & privatisation.<!–

On Thursday Way Feb 21st students and workers marched around Sussex ray ban outlet University campus in protest against the privatisation of college services. A noise demo was held outside of the management’s office before finishing outside the occupied lecture theatre.

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Photos by Guy Smallman