Issue 47: Nov 2015

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1) Save Cressingham Gardens (Reel News) 23:06  ***PLAY***

Tenants, leaseholders and Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses freeholders of a council estate in Lambeth unite to stop the Labour council demolishing their homes

 2) Blacklisting in Liverpool (Reel News) 11:18

Carillion continue to blacklist workers on the new Royal Liverpool Hospital project.

 3) The Duel: Brotherhood Cheap nba Jerseys (Reel News) 3:04

New video from one of the most underrated bands in London.

 4) Bike Couriers: Living Wage Now! (Reel News) 10:57

Pressure grows on tax dodging ray ban sunglasses sale company CitySprint to pay their couriers a living wage.

 5) War Veterans hand back their Medals (Reel News) 4:32

Three members of Veterans for Peace hand back their medals in rejection of militarism and war.

 6) COPS: Pitchford Enquiry begins (Reel News) 5:53

Activists from the Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance talk about their Cheap NFL Jerseys experience of police spies.

 7) London Tube Strike (Reel News) 10:46

Ultimately successful strike by all 4 tube unions over night tube working.

  8) Royal College of Music: 3 Cosas Now! (Reel fake oakleys Oakleys sunglasses Outlet News) 5:56

Outsourced workers at the cheap jordans online RCM fight for sick pay, holidays and pensions.

9) Action Man: Battlefield Casualties (Darren Cullen) 2:55

Brilliant spoof used in the campaign to raise the army recruitment age.

 10) Dismaland: Guerilla Island (Reel News) 8:16  ***PLAY***

The activist area of Dismaland, Darren Cullen, and the art of changing bus stop adverts.