Port Talbot: Tata already making concessions as campaign strengthens

Running Time: 2mins 19secs

Port Talbot steelworkers were out again in force as the Welsh Affairs Select Committee met in Parliament to ask questions to Tata bosses about their appalling plan to cut nealry 3,000 jobs at the plant.

The pressure of the campaign is already forcing Tata to make concessions and agree to some parts of UNITE’s proper just transition plan, which would save all existing jobs and create thousands more by making the plant a UK hub for production of renewable infrastructure – but it’s nowhere near enough. They should be adopting UNITE’s entire plan immediately.

Tata are clearly not concerned about climate change at all, given that they are about to open one of the biggest blast furnaces in the world in India. If they don’t change their plans to slash jobs and devastate communities, this campaign is only going to escalate – up to and including strike action.