“They’re killing our kids!” Save St Fitticks Park

Running Time: 23 min 33 sec

Torry in Aberdeen was once a proud, prosperous fishing community – but that all changed when the oil industry arrived in 1970. People’s homes were destroyed, their livelihoods were destroyed; they lost everything. And once the oil industry was established, every polluting industry imaginable came to Torry to dump their pollution on an increasingly impoverished population.

Now the life expectancy in Torry is 13 years lower than the West End of Aberdeen – with the healthy life expectancy an incredible 20 years lower.
The last straw for the community is the plan by oil billionaire Sir Ian Wood to take away their last remaining green space, St Fitticks Park, in a corrupt, undemocratic and disgusting deal involving the oil industry, the local council, the harbour board and both Scottish and UK governments.

But the community is fighting back, with a campaign that is growing in strength and support by the day. If they can see off this attack from one of the most powerful men in the oil industry, it will be a massive victory for the struggle for a proper just transition.

Torry is revolting – get involved and help them win a key battle for all of our futures.