COP27: London march demands climate reparations and release of political prisoners

Running time: 6min 33secs

The global day of action during the COP27 climate talks saw marches all over the world, with over 40 in Britain and Ireland – something that is impossible to do in Egypt, where the talks are taking place under one of the most tyrannical regimes in the world.

The London demo was dominated by calls to release all political prisoners in Egypt, including Alaa Abd El-Fatah – on hunger strike for over 200 days, he has refused water since the start of COP27 and no-one knows if he is still alive.

The main demand this year has been for climate reparations from the rich countries who are responsible for the damage to the climate, to those who have caused least damage yet are suffering most – such as Pakistan, where 33 million people have been impacted by the recent floods, 12 million of whom are now homeless.

But it’s also clear that the fossil fuel industry are scared of a growing militant climate justice movement, with firms reluctant to invest in new oil and gas projects. We know the COP process won’t deliver anything – it’s up to us to join together and change everything ourselves.