Justice for Chris Kaba!

Running time: 10 min 13 secs

On the 5th September 2022, Chris Kaba, a 24 year old unarmed black man, was shot dead by the police – the 1,833rd person to died following police contact, or in police custody, in England and Wales since 1990. In that time, only one police officer has been convicted – and even then, only of manslaughter, not murder.

So yet another grieving family has to organise a demo demanding justice – a huge demo outside New Scotland Yard following on from another huge demo the previous weekend.

Get involved in the campaign at justiceforchriskaba.org, and let’s have a huge turn out for the United Families and Friends Campaign annual march to remember all those murdered by the police – Saturday October 29, 12 noon, from Trafalgar Square to Downing Street.