UCU FE colleges strike over pay, workload and observation policies

Running Time: 6:30

FE lecturers at Capital City College Group, the largest Further Education college in London comprising City & Islington, CHENEL and Westminster Kingsway, are on strike alongside many other colleges nationwide.

UCU members have only been offered a 1% pay rise after years of falling behind university lecturers – and een that hasn’t been implemented. They now earn on average £9,000 less than their HE counterparts.

This is exascerbated by a vastly increased workload and – at Capital City College Group – a new monitoring policy which is basically a bullies’ charter.

The strike is absolutely solid – and the workers are determined to get what they deserve. As they say, staff’s working conditions are students learning conditions, and this is a battle to defend the right to a decent education for working class communities.