Police try to arrest nurse as healthworkers stage die-in at Downing St

Running Time: 7mins 30 sec

In one of over 20 demonstrations around the country, healthworkers marched on Downing St demanding a pay rise and staged a die-in, highlighting the 640 healthworkers who died fighting COVID. This shocking figure is three and a half times the number of UK soldiers who died during the entire Iraq war.

Healthworkers are demanding a 15% pay rise – which will only deal with the pay CUT they have endured over the past 10 years of austerity. Shamefully, the police – who HAVE had a pay rise – tried to arrest a nurse for “damage to property” for painting on the street with acrylic paint that would wash off anyway. They were forced to back off after being confronted by critical care nurse Dave Carr, reflecting the sheer anger healthworkers are feeling at how they’ve been treated.

Next: a national day of action on September 12 all over the country. If you clapped NHS workers throughout the pandemic, join them that day to march for the pay rise they so richly deserve. They were there for you when you needed them – now be there for them.