Global Climate Strike: London

In by far the biggest global mobilisation over climate change yet seen, the school students movement managed to mobilise over 4 million people on the first day of a week of action to coincide with the UN climate summit in New York City.

New York City saw the biggest mobilisation of the day –  250,000 – and Australia had huge strikes too (150,000 in Melbourne, and 120,000 in Sidney). We’ve heard unconfirmed reports that 1.4 million people took part in Germany alone – anyone out there have more information on there or other countries (Pakistan and India looked huge from pictures for example)? Email us at

Over 400,000 took part across the UK; 100,000 in London, 20,000 in Edinburgh, 15,000 in Glasgow, 10,000 in Leeds and Brighton, 5,000 in Manchester and 6,000 in Bristol.

The day was marked by the significant presence of organised labour taking action with the students for the first time – such as the BEIS workers on all out strike for a living wage that you’ll see in the video. Croydon and Nottingham UCU branches also timed their disputes to be able to strike with the students too. If people weren’t able to take strike action, there were certainly thousands who showed their support in some way across the country.

The best examples we’ve heard of so far are 400 stevedores from Hutchison Port in Australia stopping work between 10am to 2pm to join the school students; and at least 1,749 Amazon workers in Seattle, organised in a new network called Amazon Employees for Climate Justice, walking off the job in solidarity with students and over the inaction of Amazon to respond to the climate emergency.

More huge mobilisations are expected next Friday 27th in other countries including Canada and Spain; Canada in particular is expecting huge mobilisations, with 150,000 participating in a previous climate strike in Montreal. For more info, updates, and to get involved: UK Student Climate Network and Campaign Against Climate Change.