Issue 57, Feb 2018

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1  Just Transition – A low carbon economy that benefits works and communities (25:57)

Trade unionists and environmentalists from all over the world outline a number of visionary projects and ideas.

Includes the astonishing Ende Gelände action and the BiFab occupation.

2 Just Transition – short version (12:45)

3 BiFab Occupation (6:18)

Workers blockade keeps open renewables yard making wind turbine platforms.

4 Aviation expansion: The Global Cost of the Carbon Jet Set (21:46)

A new global network is fighting back against dangerous aviation expansion.

5 Barcelona: Titanlux victory! (5:45)

All out strike at paint factory reinstates sacked workers.

6 Barcelona: Hunger strike – Papers for all (5:04)

Immigrant workers draw attention to the huge problems in gaining citizenship.

7 Grenfell: Silent Walk (5:40)

On the 14th of every month, residents and supporters walk in silence to remember the victims of the horrific fire.

8 Cressingham Gardens Ballot (7:08)

Residents of the council estate in Lambeth demand a ballot over demolition plans.

9 Blacklisting Day of Action (8:01)

Balfour Beatty site in Sussex University is shut down in one of many actions around the country.

10 Umbrella Scam (11:10)

UNITE members demand an end to bogus self-employment, and the tax dodges by umbrella companies.