Blacklisting: The Crimes of Carillion

So, not content with using our money to bail out the banks, now they want us to bail out blacklisting scum Carillion. Watch this video, which shows why Carillion should never have been awarded public contracts in the first place. Film length: 11:57


This video gives more details of Carillion’s blacklisting methods at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, a project now in disarray: Film length: 11:19

This video is from the high court trial of Carillion and other construction companies, charged with conspiracy to blacklist. The companies ended up paying out £75 million in compensation – a victory, but still not justice for the thousands of lives ruined by what the late Michael Meacher MP called “the biggest human rights abuse of working people since the second world war.” Film length: 7:47

Statement from the Blacklist Support Group: ” Carillon admitted in the High Court that they blacklisted workers who complained about safety on their building sites, while at the same time milking public sector contracts for millions. Workers on projects run by Carillon need to be paid and are entitled to their pensions but no more public money should be given to the bosses of the disgraced company. In any civilized society, these people would be facing criminal charges.

When you invite blacklisting human rights abusers to run the NHS and school meals, don’t be surprised when vampire capitalism attempts to suck the taxpayer dry. The government should bail out the NHS not Carillon or their bankers. The government should nationalise Carillon now at the current market value of their shares (nothing) and go further by banning all of the construction companies involved in the blacklisting human rights conspiracy from any publicly funded contracts.”