Issue 50, Aug 2016

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1. Climate Change, Militarism and War (Reel News) 36:38

Paris Climate talks, and the rise of a new militant climate movement fighting climate change, war and austerity.

2. Reclaim The Power: End Coal (Reel News) 18:02

RTP unite with the local community to shut down the biggest open cast coal mine in the UK.

3. Fawley: Pay the Rate (Reel News) 6:01

Oil refinery workers win the proper rate of pay for foreign workers, previously on £4.80 an hour.

4. Spanish Trade Unionist Jailed (Reel News) 5:52

Andres Bodalo is jailed for three and a half years for campaigning for jobs.

5. Stop Turkey’s War on Kurds (Reel News) 9:08

Huge London march demands an end to state atrocities against Kurdish civilians.

6. Nuit Debout Global Day of Action (Reel News) 8:40

Major new movement growing in France …

7. AxeDrax! (Reel News) 8:10

Outrage and dangerous increase in burning wood for energy.

8. Welsh Museums Strike (Reel News) 4:35

Another victory as all out strike stops cuts to weekend payments.

9. Huge Payouts for Blacklisted Workers (Reel News) 7:54

Blacklisted firms are forced to pay out over £50 million in compensation.

10. Blacklist No. 1 – Sean Taylor (Reel News) 5:10

Great campaign single from the London blues legend.