Save Our Sixth Form Colleges!

Film length: 13:34 Sixth Form Colleges are under attack. The latest cuts mean almost a quarter of the funding for sixth form colleges has gone since 2010, and now new Government “Area Reviews” mean colleges […]

Undercover Policing

Jules Carey on The Pitchford Enquiry

Film length: 6:58 Jules Carey, a human rights lawyer at Bindmans, represents many of the people targeted by spycops. Here he explains the parameters of the Pitchford Enquiry into undercover policing and what we cvan […]

Undercover Policing

Voices of the Spied On: Stafford Scott

Film length: 10:27 Formerly co-ordinator of the Broadwater Farm Defence Campaign, Scott is now race advocacy officer at the Monitoring Group. He has been a key figure in numerous black community and family justice campaigns, […]

Undercover Policing

Voices of the Spied on: Janet Alder

Film length: 14:55 Janet Alder has campaigned tirelessly for justice for her brother Christopher who was killed by police in 1999. Police admit repeatedly spying on her. Filmed at the COPS (Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance) […]

Undercover Policing

Voices of the Spied On: Kate Wilson

Film length: 13:55 The first UK public talk by Kate Wilson of Police Spies Out of Lives, who was deceived into a long-term relationship by undercover officer Mark Kennedy. Filmed at the COPS (Campaign Opposing […]