Issue 48, Jan 2016

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1 Stateless on Lesvos (Reel News) 26:27

While EU leaders bicker over who is responsible, ordinary people are rising to the challenge of meeting refugees’ needs.

2 Calais Solidarity (Reel News) 7:05

Two different solidarity missions to the jungle camp raise refugees’ confidence.

3.Remembrance Day 2015 (Reel News) 6:45

Veterans for Peace march to the Cenotaph carrying a banner saying “Never Again”.

  1. North Carolina Forest Destruction (Reel News) 6:09

Farmers speak out about the clear-cutting of their forests to provide wood to burn in a British power station.

  1. Redlines Artbuild for the Climate Demos (Reel News) 11:10

Huge inflatable silver cobblestones are built for the demos in Paris and London.

  1. London climate demo (Reel News) 8:34

Over 50,000 march at the start of the Paris climate talks – the biggest climate demo ever in London.

  1. Trade Unions and Climate Change (Reel News) 15:21

A conversation with Naomi Klein and Jeremy Corbyn at a packed meeting in Paris.

  1. Paris: Refugee Solidarity March (Reel News) 10:34

The state of emergency ban is broken as French and U.S. activists march to a detention centre for refugees.

  1. Paris: “No War, No Warming! Build the People’s Economy!” (Reel News) 11:45

Powerful action from the U.S. Grassroots Global Justice Alliance demanding real action from Obama on climate change.