Save Cressingham Gardens: Outrage as Labour council agrees demolition

Film length: 23:06

Lambeth Council has agreed to demolish Cressingham Gardens Estate, despite 86% of residents voting against the option, and their OWN reports saying the option was not viable, that it would raise rents and mortgage payments and that it would do nothing to address Lambeth’s housing waiting list.

The estate is virtually crime free, with a strong and supportive community amongst tenants, leaseholders and freeholders that should be being held up as an example of a model estate, not being torn down to make money out of “regeneration”. Now many people face the prospect of not being able to afford to stay in London.

The events in this video, including extensive coverage of the council meeting where the decision to demolish was taken without even bothering to vote, shows just how rotten the new Labour project had become.

Help the residents save their homes

The decision from a Labour council is so disgraceful that the residents have been granted leave to challenge the decision in the High Court – but they need to raise £10,000 to do it. They’ve launched a crowdfunding appeal, so please click here to donate what you can, even if it’s only £1– as one tenant says, “Lambeth Council are just ruining people’s lives.”

Click here for more in-depth information from the residents themselves